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Health Double Jumps/Airdashes Dash Type
10,500 1 Run
Overdrive Duration (in frames)
100 – 90% 89 – 80% 79 – 70% 69 – 60% 59 – 50% 49 – 40% 39 – 30% 29 – 20% 19 – 10% 9 – 0%
- - - - - - - - - -

Perhaps one of the more intimidating characters in the game, Terumi's Drive is a literal Force to be reckoned with. Force Eater gives Terumi a phenomenal amount of Heat gain whenever it hits, meaning Terumi has an unparalleled amount of access to Distortion Drives and Rapid Cancels. Something Terumi players should always remember is the access to his command grab (Retaliating Fang), as this grab gives an amazing amount of Heat gain and has a hefty amount of range for a grab. Terumi is also relentlessly fast, being able to catch up to his opponents whenever. Not only that, his combos tend to be quite full of hits; unlike Hazama, most of Terumi's moves do low damage but last long, since he relishes his opponents' suffering by not really making them die too soon just yet. He may not end matches quickly, but his combos tend to be the most rewarding out of the cast, even more than previous incarnations of his Hazama counterpart.

However, Terumi has several shortcomings: possessing no reliable overheads equals a very weak and non-existent mixup game. Terumi's only overheads are his j.2D and Serpent's Laceration Distortion; the former is easy to see coming, and the latter can only be accessed with 50% Heat, leaving Terumi with an extreme disadvantage against any player who is familiar with this shortcoming. Terumi's low health doesn't serve to give him any further advantages either, so characters who are primarily played defensively with large damage outputs (Tager) have to be approached carefully. Terumi's disadvantages don't end here, as he has no true projectile and his damage output, even with Heat, is poor. And just like Hazama, Terumi also has no meterless reversal.

Terumi does have something that not a lot of other characters have: options (although only with Heat). A Terumi who has 100% Heat is a force to be reckoned with: some of his Distortions (Screeches of the Condemned and Serpent's Cursed Sting) do an insane amount of damage, becoming even more powerful in Overdrive. Also, if Terumi has the option for an Astral, his opponents must be very careful; nearly all of his basic combos, specials, and throws can easily lead into the Astral.

Move List


Input Damage Heat gain
A 300
BBCP Terumi 5A Same animation as Hazama's 5A, which is a "door knock" open backhand. Can be used as an anti-air and is a good quick pressure tool.
Input Damage Heat gain
B 480
BBCP Terumi 5B Same animation as Hazama's 5B, a forward standing knee strike. Good for stagger pressure. Also similar to Hazama's 5B, it cannot be jump cancelled on hit.
Input Damage Heat gain
C 380, 380
BBCP Terumi 5C With the leading leg, a jumping upward flicking kick followed by a dropping heel kick (with a heel knife revealed on Terumi's shoe) that can ground opponents. Animation deceivingly looks like an overhead, but can be blocked low as well. First hit can be jump-cancelled, but consumes Terumi's remaining air options. Can be Rapid Cancelled for great mix ups.
Input Damage Heat gain
2A 300
BBCP Terumi 2A Jabs forward with open hand. Mostly identical to Hazama's 2A, except it has 1 more frame on startup. Great pressure tool when combined with Terumi's speed.
Input Damage Heat gain
2B 420
BBCP Terumi 2B A sweeping inward leading leg kick that doesn't knock down. Same animation as Hazama's 2B, except it has more severe proration and the recovery is much longer. Comes out very quickly.
Input Damage Heat gain
2C 580
BBCP Terumi 2C Leans inward to slash inward with one of his knives to reap at the opponent's legs. Hits mid and doesn't knockdown. Can be jump-cancelled on hit or block. A strong footsies tool.
Input Damage Heat gain
6A 520
BBCP Terumi 6A Terumi nonchalantly flings one of his knives in an outward slash at a diagonal angle while leaning back. Typical anti-air normal. Will miss crouching opponents. On counter hit, it will send the opponent flying horizontally.
Input Damage Heat gain
6(B) (Hold to feint) 600
BBCP Terumi 6B A forward hand-standing knee strike. Gives lower body invulnerability. Can be chained from most normals and is a great pressure tool, as it it advantageous on block. Can be held down to feint the attack. Can also Fatal Counter.
Input Damage Heat gain
6C 520, 520, 960
BBCP Terumi 6C Rushes in at the opponent and slashes three times, via a wide outward slash while rushing forward, turning into a forward vaulting push kick with a heel-knife, then an inward downward slash while halting to a stop.
Crumples on last hit and can only be cancelled via Rapid Cancel. Counter hit properties will be followed into third hit.
Input Damage Heat gain
3C 660
BBCP Terumi 3C An outward sweep kick with his leading leg. Low kick that knocks down as his main sweep. Mainly used during combos. Doesn't have as much range as Hazama's 3C, but is still decent for staring combos.
Input Damage Heat gain
A (in the air) 300
BBCP Terumi jA Same animation as Hazama's j.A, where Terumi jabs at a low angle with an open hand like their 2A's.
Input Damage Heat gain
B (in the air) 350, 350
BBCP Terumi jB Kicks forward with his leading leg while holding his hoodie and brings it in for an inward spin kick. Similar to Hazama's j.B, but deals two hits. Later frames will hit behind Terumi, which can cross-up like Hazama's j.B.
Input Damage Heat gain
C (in the air) 300, 300, 500
BBCP Terumi jC Spins wildly in midair with both knives in complex slashing. Looks similar to Hazama's j.C, but only deals 3 hits, and C must be pressed only once. Last hit deals more hitstun than others.
Input Damage Heat gain
6AB 0
BBCP Terumi 6A Has 6A's animation. Poor in the fact that it won't hit low profile moves (such as Noel's 3C).
Input Damage Heat gain
AB 1000
BBCP Terumi CT Terumi scoops inward with his following hand with one of his knives for a slash, which is basically Hazama's Devouring Fang (214D->C) without any special effects. Fairly poor Crush Trigger. Leaves Terumi fairly unsafe on block and has short range (though on hit it feels roughly the same). Only consider using it an additional 50% Heat is available.


Input English name Japanese name Damage Heat gain
any direction + D Force Eater フォースイーター Fōsu Ītā
Drive attacks have a greater Heat gain than normal attacks. They also nullify the opponent's Heat gain on hit or block; a visual effect appears on Terumi's body to signify this.
Input Damage Heat gain
D 460 15 (7 on block)
BBCP Terumi 5D Shoots out a blast of snake-energy forward from his following hand flung upward in a forward step. Similar to Hazama's Venom Sword (236D). Not strictly safe on hit, but has good range and pushback, making it a decent poke.
Input Damage Heat gain
2D 600 25 (8 on block)
BBCP Terumi 2D Summons Ouroboros behind the opponent and pulls them in. Tell-tale animation but advantageous on block. Not very useful as a pressure tool.
Input Damage Heat gain
6D 1337 35
BBCP Terumi 6D After kicking once with a leading leg roundhouse kick, Terumi turns and swings his following arm back and forth in hooking motions to strike his opponent with darkness in a flurry, then kicks again in a wild dance-like motion outward to the sky while leaping.
Only the rapid strikes actually give the increased heat gain. Terumi will not do the slashes followup if the kick is blocked or hits an opponent who is too far away.
Vacuums on both hit and block. Primarily used as combo filler since it builds a ton of heat and has a very long untech time, making followup combos extremely easy, and useful to set up midscreen oki.
Can Fatal Counter.
Input Damage Heat gain
D (in the air) 660 16
BBCP Terumi jD Terumi slashes outward with both knives in an X shape. Attacks diagonally downward with a very good hitbox. Ground-bounces on air counter-hit for easy follow ups (normal air hit height dependent for follow-up) and on ground counter hit, it is possible to link 6C or dash up 5B. Note that this does not hit overhead. Has very big pushback, making it difficult to combo off of on normal hit, but also difficult to punish the long landing recovery.
Input Damage Heat gain
(in the air)
530 14
BBCP Terumi j2D Turns in midair and strikes downward with a clawing motion of darkness downward with his leading hand. Similar looking to Hazama's Falling Fang (214D->A) animation and staple of Terumi's pressure. Can be used for cross-ups, overhead, and to extend pressure since it is positive on block. Can be TK'd very close to the ground as an overhead. On hit, a low j.2D can be comboed into 5A on a standing opponent and 5B on a crouching one.


Input English name Japanese name Damage Heat gain
BC 1400
BBCP Terumi ForwardThrow Terumi trips up the opponent with his leading foot and slams them to the ground while they're airborne with the other foot. Can be followed up with Cleaving Fang, Snakebite, or astral. The actual kick has more severe proration, meaning that you can generally squeeze out more damage if you RC or OD cancel right after Terumi trips the opponent.
Input English name Japanese name Damage Heat gain
4BC 1400
BBCP Terumi BackThrow Terumi trips up the opponent with his leading foot and launches them backwards with his other foot. Wallbounces and can be followed up with dashing normals.
Input English name Japanese name Damage Heat gain
BC (in the air) 1400
BBCP Terumi AirThrow Terumi grabs the opponent and launches them backwards with his following heel. Wallbounces and can be followed up with dashing normals. Note that if you do this throw on an opponent in the corner who is too low to the ground, they will not reach the wall and instead groundslide and cannot be comboed from.


Input English name Japanese name Damage Heat gain
Nightmare Reaper ナイトメアリーパー Naitomea Rīpā
BBCP (Terumi Overdive)
Drive attacks have a greater Heat gain than their non-Overdrive variants. Drive attacks now actively steal the opponent's heat gauge and add it to Terumi's. While Nightmare Reaper is active, all Drive attacks and Distortion Drives are strengthened, both in damage and priority. Distortion Drives can also be cancelled into each other, and into themselves.

Exceed Accel

Input English name Japanese name Literal translation Damage Heat gain
(during Overdrive)
Dungeon of Serpents 蛇烙閻獄穿 Jaraku Engokusen Snake Branding Dungeon Drill 2000
4000 (Active Flow)
BBCF Terumi Dungeon of Serpents New move in Centralfiction. Terumi first performs an outward knife slash forward; upon connecting, he hits the opponent up and summons a giant energy serpent from below them to attack. The Overdrive version has him summon a energy pillar instead.

Special Attacks

Input English name Japanese name Literal translation Damage Heat gain
236D Snakebite 蛇顎 Jagaku Snake Jaw 936 30
BBCP Terumi 236D Terumi dashes forward with his hand extended. If the dash connects, he flings his opponent into the air with a brief vortex darkness before dragging them back down to the ground.
Can be super canceled, but has very heavy proration with its most early uses in many combos.
Input English name Japanese name Literal translation Damage Heat gain
214D Retaliating Fang 牙穿衝 Gasenshō Fang Drill Piercer 1519 35
BBCP Terumi 214D A command grab where Terumi slashes down on the opponent with his Ouroboros chain, then sweeps them up with it, forcing the opponent into a coil of chains in midair while Terumi gestures crazily. The opponent is then launched after the attack finishes.
Can now be super-cancelled at anytime after the last hit as of Patch 1.10.
Input English name Japanese name Literal translation Damage Heat gain
22(C) on downed opponent (Tap rapidly) Cleaving Fang 牙鎌撃 Garengeki Fang Sickle Attack
BBCP Terumi 22C Terumi repeatedly stomps on the opponent, then kicks them away. Can only be used as a down pursuit attack via OTG. Can be followed up in the corner since it can wallbounce at the end.
Special cancel-able.
C can be tapped rapidly for more hits, though heavy proration can occur the more stomps are inflicted if done as part of a big combo.
As of Patch 1.10, the amount of stomps causes a different end-hit effect; Lv. 1 is a normal knockdown, Lv. 2 is a ground slide and untechable knockdown, while Lv. 3 is a wallbounce from anywhere.
In Centralfiction, it can be combo'd quite well into Tsuishōga in the corner.
Input English name Japanese name Literal translation Damage Heat gain
214C Agonizing Fang 墜衝牙 Tsuishōga Crashing Piercer Fang 1000
New move in Centralfiction. Terumi rears back for a violent-crude-smasing headbutt trailed by an energy snake. Hits overhead.
Terumi's only grounded-overhead tool, though it is quite safe on block while also have decently fast start-up. Causes an untech knockdown on hit. However, it can only be combo'd off of with enough meter. The knockdown situation it presents however, allows for Terumi to safely setup some wakeup pressure if needed.

Distortion Drives

Input English name Japanese name Literal translation Damage Heat gain
41236C (OK in midair) Gleaming Fang 蛇境滅閃牙 Jakyō Messenga Snake Border Destroying Flash Fang 1680 (Ground)
1512 (Air)
BBCP Terumi 41236C Terumi wraps himself in the aura of a massive snake and charges forward. Launches opponent. The midair version has Terumi dive at a diagonal-downward angle at the opponent.
Useful from long range as a surprise attack or in combos. The Overdrive version has Terumi dash once more for a second return, with the second dash on both ground and midair versions being the same.
Input English name Japanese name Literal translation Damage Heat gain
623B (OK in midair) The Divine Twin Blades 轟牙双天刃 Gōga Sōtenjin Booming Fang Twin Heaven Blades 2486 0
BBCP Terumi 623B Kicks the opponent with an attack similar to Hazama's Rising Fang, then follows with a rising backward frontflipping kick that causes trails of energy snakes. Launches the opponent high and provides a good form of invincibility, making it one of his only reversals.
Has high minimum damage rating compared to most Distortion Drives, making it a great combo finisher, but launches the opponent rather high and away, making it impossible without the use of Rapid Cancels or a Counter Hit to combo off of it.
The Overdrive version has Terumi perform Hazama's Hirentotsu/Wind Serpent's Fang as a finisher, which causes ground bounce, leading into optimal setups.
Input English name Japanese name Literal translation Damage Heat gain
63214A/B Serpent's Laceration 大蛇武錬殲 Orochi Burensen Great Serpent Martial Tempering Massacre 2418 0
BBCP Terumi 63214B Terumi's version of Hazama's The Serpent's Unholy Wrath; he turns via windup and axe-kicks his opponent to the ground, then stomps the opponent several times, to sweep them off the ground and finish with a backward kick trailed by an energy snake (it does less hits than Hazama's version).
The Overdrive version adds more stomps (way more than the Overdrive version of Hazama's) and has him doing a bow at the end, with it being possible followup with another Serpent's Laceration with enough Heat during the animation.
Very good raw damage, and the first blow hits overhead (but costs meter so it is not optimal for a mixup). Only the normal version allows for OTG and wakeup offensive options, as the OD version increases recovery time.
In Patch 1.10, a new A version of the move is added, where the first blow hits low instead via a back-turning sweep kick, and is a trip where Terumi only grinds his foot on top of the opponent's head and then does the finisher. The B version is still the same as the original overhead version.
Input English name Japanese name Literal translation Damage Heat gain
236236A Venomous Bite 皇蛇懺牢牙 Ōja Zanrōga Emperor Snake Repenting Prison Fang 3200 0
BBCP Terumi 236236A A counter/reversal-move where Terumi walks forward casually with Ouroboros being juggled around in his hands. If it succeeds, Terumi jumps over his opponent and lands while making an X shaped slash with Ouroboros coils crushing them, and dealing major damage. Launches a small bit on hit with a untechable knockdown. The Overdrive version deals more damage and counters low attacks as well.
Does not counter jump-ins not close enough to the ground, crossups, or rising moves such as Inferno Divider's C version.
Input English name Japanese name Literal translation Damage Heat gain
632146D Serpent's Cursed Sting 蛇縛封焉塵 Jabaku Fūenjin Snake Bind Sealing To Dusting 1774, 74-150*10,700-2000 0
BBCP Terumi 632146D Terumi slashes his opponent twice with Ouroboros via an upward hook and a downward slam, then grabs them with both hands to inject his own Heat Gauge into the captured opponent. The greater the amount of meter, the higher the damage. Requires 50% or more Heat Gauge and uses the entirety. If a full Heat Gauge is used, Terumi then ends the attack with the Serpent's Laceration finisher.
The Overdrive version has Terumi toss the foe down to the ground after the grab and grind his foot on the opponent's head before finishing the attack with the final blows.
Deals the most amount of minimum damage out of all of Terumi's supers, and is a good finisher. Blockable, despite appearances.
Input English name Japanese name Literal translation Damage Heat gain
Screeches of the Condemned 蛇麟煉翔牙 Jarin Renshōga Snake Shining Refined Soaring Fang 4594 0
BBCP Terumi 236236D Extends two Ouroboros chains, capturing the opponent, attacks them in the air by flying to them back and forth with kicks and knife slashes using the chains as leverage, then slams them to the ground with a massive snake via a diving attack from above. Costs 100 heat.

The Overdrive version has Terumi rush through the foe through the air 4 additional times before the finish.
Both chains will cause a guard break on a normal block, making it similar to a Crush Trigger, though of course they can be barrier blocked (though if the first one is blocked, the second chain is still thrown). The OD version is fully unblockable.

A new angled version is added in Patch 1.10, which has the same rules as the horizontal version in terms of blocking, only the angled normal version must be barrier blocked in midair instead.

Astral Heat

Input English name Japanese name Literal translation Damage Heat gain
222D The Unholy Wrath of the Basilisk 神帰り・大蛇斬頭烈封餓 Kamigaeri: Orochizantō Reppūga Divine Return: Great Serpent Beheading Violent Sealing Hunger Death 0
BBCP Terumi 222D Terumi throws two Ouroboros chains into the ground which tracks the opponent's current position, forming a red portal. When it connects, the chain binds the opponent as a portal opens behind Terumi (as he laughs maniacally) and summons dozens of Ouroboros snakes to storm the opponent. Terumi then transforms into "Dark Susano'o", an evil, shadow version of Hakumen, and forms a pole-arm of darkness to finish off the opponent with one mighty slash.
Very easy Astral to land, as it is possible to combo nearly anything Terumi has into it, as well as Terumi's heat gain rate adding more of a benefit to it.

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