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  • TheKeyofTwilight

    Hey guys its me again many of you might know me a bit from my feelings on character changes thread. If not I am Ren/Fubuki  fellow BB player and apparently hate comes to me like nothing... Anyway I am here to ask of you what you think. Now I know i'm not the best BB player and I get a lot of hate for using things like grabs and other such a little too much. But I just play how I see people online play I watch plenty of BB videos on YouTube and I follow the example set by them. I might be overreacting and just going through another one of my phases of doubting myself. Now I've had trouble with that ever since I've joined the fighting game community. Yes I suck at other fighting games or i'm just not bad but I feel like I connect to BB prett…

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  • TheKeyofTwilight

    Okay okay so I decided to make a blog post and then link this to anyone that asks me why I main Jin. Okay so first off let me start off by saying I started out as a good ol' rags user in BBCT. But when I transitioned over to BBCS2 I didn't enjoy the way he played I also couldn't do air combos. So I then fell into despair and thought I sucked while playing with some friends I told them after today i'm quitting BB all together. Like most people when someone they enjoy playing a game with just decides to leave they told me I didn't suck. But I didn't believe them...After a few more rounds I decided to leave and play the story until the day was over. While playing I noticed I never played threw Jin's story so in my mind I thought about it and …

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  • TheKeyofTwilight

    Ok well I decided to make a post about my feelings on the changes and updates to the characters I use introduced in BBCSE. First off let me say everything said in this post is how I feel, and if they vary from the way you feel please do not reply just off of your disagreements also if anything of stated in his is off fact please correct it and I will update and correct it. I understand everyone has different opinions and beliefs but I do not want to be blasted based on how I feel about said topic. I also am not trying to govern how you should reply if you want to reply please do just don't reply based on something stupid like this. ("Omg your a noob please just stop playing just because you don't like the changes." )

    Okay back to the topic a…

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