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Making sense of BlazBlue workings

This is in no way done. Right now this is just a 'scratch board' for rough ideas in my attempt to collector and sort such things.

_-_-_ Logic of the World

Four Elements
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Earth
Two Origins
  • Light
  • Dark

Outside of Logic



Seithr, the Magic Element


Azure and the BoundaryAkasha , or The Root of TYPE-MOON's Nasuverse. The Azure specifically seems to be the origin and destination of the Soul, where it comes from when one is born and where goes at death


Sealed Weapon Izayoi

I theorize that Izayoi's full classification is an: "Ars Armagus Grimoire". 

The Immortal Breaker is comparable to a Conceptual Weapon from the Nasuverse.


Alchemy and Ars Magus have a very similar definition and characteristics.

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