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  • GunBlazer

    BBCP New Character Database

    November 22, 2012 by GunBlazer

    Shoutouts to Jourdal for this video. Basically, this video covers Relius Clover's poses with three of the four new characters, as well as these characters' own Astrals. Tsubaki's pose during Relius's Astral was changed as well, but it is not shown here.

    EDIT: Replaced with Fixed Audio version, thanks to Abelcru

    EDIT 2: Relius on Tsubaki here! Choose the one that says: BBCP_Relius_Astral_Tsubaki.png

    EDIT 3: Mu's Astral is up! Uploader, Jourdal. Provider, BP Vermillion.

    EDIT 4: Makoto Arcade, and IZAYOI FOOTAGE!

    EDIT 5: Added Azrael, Amane and Bullet's themes, courtesy of Sourenga

    EDIT 6: Nu & Mu official trailer, with Izayoi teaser.

    EDIT 7: Tsubaki's Astral, via pktazn. Skip to 3:36. Thanks, Nights :3

    EDIT 8: The Terror's Arcade. DAMN, HE IS A NASTY…

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  • GunBlazer

    As most BlazBlue players have cleared the story, you might have found what I meant with the title. I'd like to know when in the story you first experienced Hazama's trolling. Also, has Hazama trolled you outside of BlazBlue? (He has trolled me!)

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