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  • I live in Sparkill, NY
  • I was born on September 23
  • My occupation is College student
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  • FangWolf.EXE

    While we're currently in our second revision of Continuum Shift, the new story modes are slowly opening our eyes to a possible trilogy finale BlazBlue game. I wouldn't consider this so much a spoiler, because it's merely speculation, but if the series were to end, here's how I think it would. It does contain a minor spoiler mentioning the final cutscene of CS:EX, which, if you know the ending to CS, isn't even that much of a spoiler. It's merely just Ragna and Taokaka going to Ikaruga.

    Well, at the end of Continuum Shift, here's what we can gather: The Imperator's true identity, the death of Lambda-11 and possible return of Nu-13, and the game ending with Ragna the Bloodedge and Taokaka going to Ikaruga. EXTEND adds in new factors, just how

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