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    Special pages are a collection of useful tools and reports applicable to the current wiki. They cannot be edited, and instead provide users with maintenance reports, various lists of pages, lists of users and ways to manage them, various logs and so on.

    The special pages are located in the Special namespace and…

    The Templates guide mentions the Template namespace, I here talk about the pages of Special namespace, but we have people who are still learning WikFandom, and don't know such things. So…

    A namespace is a kind of an ultimate category, which stores all pages which have similar purposes and work differently from other types of pages. For example, a page in Template namespace can be included into any other page by writing its name in curl…

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    Now that I've explained the Source Editor, let's talk about templates! The Help page states that "A template is a special type of page that has been designed so its content can be included in other pages.". In simple words, by creating a page in the Template namespace, you can include the page's content on every other page just by writing its name in curly brackets. This is how we handle navigation boxes, copyright boxes, and infoboxes, which are also templates.

    Here, I'll describe some of this wiki's templates. Do note that what I write here applies to the Source Editor.

    Clears space below things like images, pictures and tables. For example, by putting this under an infobox, you'll make the page's sections appear below the infobox, not besi…

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    So, some of my problems are solved and I'm finally working on my PC. I won't have as much free time as I had back then, but at least I'm able to actually do something now.

    Now, since I was stuck with just my phone for a pretty damn long time, I'll need some time to catch up with all those new things I missed, and then I'll continue taking care of all stuff that should be deleted/rewritten. But, when I'll get Centralfiction, I'll drop whatever I'll be working on and will try to rip its contents and upload results here.

    If someone cares, I ask you to look through these Special pages from time to time, and make sure that they are empty:

    • DoubleRedirects
    • BrokenRedirects
    • UnusedVideos
    • UnusedCategories
    • UnusedFiles
    • WantedCategories
    • WantedPages
    • WantedFiles
    • Unc…
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    I noticed that most of this wiki's contributors use the Visual Editor, which is really bad. I can't see how this thing can be comfortable for an intelligent person, so I assume that people just don't know that there is the great and lovely Source Editor. So, I decided to write this guide, which is more like a "cheat sheet", to improve the contributions on BlazBlue Wiki.

    The Help page states that "Editing on Wikia is generally as simple as clicking the 'Edit' button on a page".

    It's not.

    When clicking the 'Edit' button, most users will see VisualEditor, or sometimes the Rich Text Editor. Both of them are shit. You see, Wikia works on the MediaWiki engine, and uses MediaWiki's wikitext format, so that users without knowledge of XHTML or CSS can …

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