• BlazeSeed366

    In Episode 9 of the 2 part special of BlazBlue Radio: Hyper ArcFes Recording Special prior of both anime and console version's release, They have the characters' popularity poll in whoever the BlazBlue characters made it on top 10 and the rest is below the lowest. Before revealing top 10, they read the fan letters about the character's fan descriptions.

    Here are the top 10 list of characters popularity in the poll they showed in the ArcFes Recording Special are.

    1. Tsubaki

    2. Noel

    3. Hazama

    4. Ragna

    5. Jin

    6. Makoto

    7. Hakumen

    8. Kokonoe

    9. Bullet

    10. Rachel

    Okay what I remember some people below top 10 they are...?

    11. Nu-13

    12. Platinum the Trinity

    13. Taokaka

    14. Celica

    15. Arakune

    16. Izayoi

    17. Jubei

    18. Bang

    19. Azteca

    20. Mori-P

    21. Amane

    22. Azrael

    Note: T…

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