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Okay, a list of pages that need to be filled with information. Also includes information that needs to be implemented into pages

  • Every XBlaze character page: Toya, Akira, Acht, Drei, Sechs, Kuon, Mei, Marcelyn, Elise, Es, Es-N, Avenge (Kazuto), Sochiro, Goro, Akio, Ripper, Ryoko. (Done)
  • Bloodedge Experience Part 2 information (Temporarily done)
  • Chronophantasma Story Mode information
  • Chronophantasma Extend stories information
  • Calamity Trigger Story Mode information
  • Continuum Shift Story Mode information
  • Remix Heart info (in progress)
  • Phase 0 info.
  • Phase Shift 1 info
  • Phase Shift 2 info
  • Phase Shift 3 info
  • Phase Shift 4 info

Hopefully this should all get done by the end of next year if I'm lucky ;-;

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