Having been educated a little bit about the original timeline, I've been debating a little on what to do about the subsections in character articles.

Currently, we have everything in subsections listed as what happens in the games/Extend stories/CD Drama's/canon manga. I propose that for everything that happened in the original timeline, it be moved under the heading "Original Timeline" and should be the first section.

Of course, this heading would only really apply to the characters who appear in this timeline, so characters like Mai Natsume and Azrael would be exempt. For characters who already have a 'Wheel of Fate' subsection, that could simply be renamed 'Original Timeline'

Now the only three sources for the original timeline, if I recall correctly, is the Wheel of Fate Drama CD, the BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Part 1 novel, and Material Collections.

I'm just brainstorming here, since a lot of stuff happens in the BBCTP1 novel that isn't mentioned in the WoF CD, and I want to find a way for this to be stored in the character articles.

Any other suggestions would be heartily appreciated.

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