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  • BP Vermilion

    Having been educated a little bit about the original timeline, I've been debating a little on what to do about the subsections in character articles.

    Currently, we have everything in subsections listed as what happens in the games/Extend stories/CD Drama's/canon manga. I propose that for everything that happened in the original timeline, it be moved under the heading "Original Timeline" and should be the first section.

    Of course, this heading would only really apply to the characters who appear in this timeline, so characters like Mai Natsume and Azrael would be exempt. For characters who already have a 'Wheel of Fate' subsection, that could simply be renamed 'Original Timeline'

    Now the only three sources for the original timeline, if I recal…

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  • BP Vermilion

    3 year anniversary

    August 1, 2014 by BP Vermilion

    Welp, continuing tradition, it is now three years since I joined this Wiki back in 2011! Which means a blog must follow!

    Being here for three years does seem weird, I remember being completely inadequate at editing, and every edit I made was sooooo ridiculously poor. Now being the main page maker and lore lover, it seems like forever away, but of course, people, like our beloved Bureaucrat, are the reasons why I've actually gotten better. So thank you, everyone :)

    AHEM. Following special thanks go to:

    1. Night Vision: Without this woman, this Wiki would be nothing, just a boiling cesspit in which idle fan-fantasies run havoc. She does so much work in the background that a lot of you normal users don't see and she is utterly amazing; respect yo' Bur…
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  • BP Vermilion

    Well with the spare time I have from being ill, I deceided that I would play Extend all the way through (all to 100%) and I found several annomalys that don't make sense, ergo, I deceided I would list this 'Loop Holes' and weird stuff to try and see if anyone knows answers.

    1. La Black Beast: If Nu and Ragna make one Black Beast. Hazama, Shuchiro-thingy and Relius made another one then there would be 2 right? So which one is the true one that everyone knows and hates eh?
    2. Litchi's bad ending in Continuum Shift has Koko saying that she'd do anything to save Litchi and that she knows how she must have felt trying to save Arakune... So why doesnt Koko help Litchi with anything? I mean Koko is an observer anyway so she must be able to remember like …
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  • BP Vermilion


    December 3, 2011 by BP Vermilion

    Weeeeeellllllllll I wasa thinking.... Can the BB wiki hold tournaments? Can the wiki be represented in a tournament? And who is the best player in the wiki? Place your votes now ;)

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