The uninhabited housing complex (無人団地 mujin danchi) is an area from the BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience series.


The complex is situated in the commuter town of the New Kawahama City. Its construction was interrupted because of an accident. The building was almost complete, but the electricity was not supplied to the complex, and it was abandoned without any attempts to finish the construction.

The accident occurred before Naoto Kurogane moved to the city. There was a leak of an unknown pathogen in one of the buildings of the hospital that stood on a hill in front of the complex, the whole area was contaminated, and all human beings present were apparently dissolved.

It is unknown if this is what actually happened, but it was announced that all people on site were dissolved, leaving only their clothes behind, though it is unknown if this is true.

Currently, only the steel tower that supports the wiring is left from the hospital.

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