The Truth Grimoire (真実の魔道書 Shinjitsu no Madōsho), also known as the Ammit Clearth (真実の魔道書(アメミットクリアース) Amemitto Kuriāsu, Truth Grimoire), is a Grimoire that first appears in BlazBlue: Remix Heart. It reflects the true form of the holder, which is appropriate as it appears as a regular hand mirror. However, if the holder looks at it too long, they will be forced into the Grimoire. In Remix Heart chapter 10, Noel managed to get a hold of the Grimoire by breaking through its sealing Magic Formula. Sypher Alvar used the Grimoire to transform his alchemy based monster into something even more grotesque.

In Remix Heart Chapter 22, Chachakaka uses the Ammit Clearth to reveal Mai Natsume’s true identity as the male heir to the Hazuki family.

Known victims

  • Makoto Nanaya – Makoto’s reflection was just her normal self, as if she was looking into a regular mirror.
  • Kajun Faycott – Kajun’s reflection was her shown with Kokonoe.
  • Mai Hazuki – Mai’s reflection was a shadow of her former self.



  • Ammit (“devourer” or “soul eater”) was a female demon in ancient Egyptian religion with a body that was part lion, hippopotamus and crocodile — the three largest “man-eating” animals known to ancient Egyptians. A funerary deity, her titles included “Devourer of the Dead”, “Eater of Hearts”, and ”Great of Death”.


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