Practice moves and set a variety of parameters and enemy acitons.

Training Mode (トレーニングモード Torēningu Mōdo) is one of the modes in the BlazBlue games.

Training Mode allows players to fight against an AI with no time limit or match points, as well as giving access to how the AI opponent acts. By default the AI is set to no action what-so-ever and functions as a practice dummy. However, there are the options of turning on combative AI and also increasing the complexity of the AI, or having the AI preform basic tasks such as crouching, blocking, jumping and so on.

In-game resources such as health, heat, bursts and barrier can also be adjusted. Characters with certain gauges – such as Rachel’s Silpheed – can also be adjusted.

Players can take control of the AI and record their button presses. This can then be played back to execute each button press precisely, which can be used to practice setting up resets, blocking or countering certain character pressure or recording a video of a combo.

Arcade versions of BlazBlue have a simpler Training Mode in which more advanced features such as controlling barrier and how AI functions are not available, but there is an extended amount of match time and no win goal.


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