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Pressing B + C at the same time will execute a Throw on the opponent which deals moderate damage. Throws cannot be blocked and players must be close to their opponent to successfully perform one. It is possible to follow up by using a combination of Normal and Special attacks which could lead to a large amount of damage. Great against defensive players.

There are two types of Throws: Ground Throws and Aerial Throws. Ground Throws can be performed in one of two directions: forward or backward. To perform a Backward Throw, hold 4 and B + C at the same time. To perform a Forward Throw, just hold B + C. Aerial Throws can only go in a single direction. The direction of an Aerial Throw, however, is different for each character. Press B + C at the same time in midair to execute one.

Pressing B + C the moment the opponent attempts to grab causes a Throw Escape to occur, while pressing B + C at the wrong time causes a Throw Reject Miss to occur.

Throws that deals 3 hits to the opponent can also be canceled at the 2nd hit. This case applies to:

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