• There's a lot of in battle secrets in blazblue, like hibiki throwing paperwork instead of knives if fighting kagura, or jubei's astral revealing the terumi ghost against hazama or terumi. Would it be OK for me to make a page for those secrets on this wiki to be updated by anyone who knows any I miss?

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    • If there’s enough of secrets then it’s fine to create this page. I don’t know, maybe around 10 examples with screenshots and such, but otherwise it might be better to keep such information in trivia. Maybe create an example of this page here?

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    • I've just finished gathering screenshots but I'll have to wait to get on the laptop instead of my tablet to make the example page, so far I've got hibiki's paperwork, the ragna, pakumen, kazama, arukune, handsome arakune,and bride arakune dolls for platinums counter, the hazama and terumi ghost reveals with jubeis astral, the notable electrocutions and the torakaka version of taokaka's astral with screenshots of the normal and special versions of all, do you think that'll be enough?

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    • Maybe, I need to see this example page – this time it will be fine without screenshots!

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    • A FANDOM user
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