• As of BBCF, I was wondering what everyone's favorite PFD/Murakumo Unit/"doll" to play as and their least favorite to play well as why? Mine are:

    Favorite to play as - 1 (tie): Es and Izayoi, 2: Mu 12, 3: Lambda 11, 4: Nu 13, 5: Izanami, 6: Noel. Being essentially prototypes, I love the "primitive" move-sets of Es and Izayoi. It is especially cool to win against their more evolved "daughters" despite said move sets.

    Least favorite to play against - 1: Lambda 11, 2: Izayoi, 3: Es, 4: Nu 13, 5: Mu 12, 6: Noel, 7: Izanami. Despite being similar to Nu 13, I find Lambda 11 to be the most difficult Unit to defeat. I don't know why but there is something about her more compact/less ranged move set that I find difficult to defeat. As for Izayoi, her unique style, especially in her Gain Art mode, makes it hard to defend against--i.e., her teleport (Mirage Thruster). Finally, I just love to kick Izanami's butt. It is just awesome to try to defeat death.*

    What does everyone else think? *Ps: My cat is actually named Hades Izanami :).

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    • Favourite to play as: Lambda, Nu, Es, Izanami.

      Least favourite to play against: Nu (Calamity Trigger), Izayoi.

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    • Since Es can be handled as rushdown I can play her (I never practiced her much though)

      The most annoying to fight would definitely be Izayoi.

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    • Well. Lambda is my main, so she is my favorite doll. (Though she cannot do a lot of damage, and is very vulnerable against Tager and Azrael (F*CK YOU TAGER and Unga-Unga)) And the least one has to be Nu, her projectiles make me crazy.

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    • CPU Mu is the worst, dat Steins Gunner spam.

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    • I wouldn't call Es and Izayoi's movesets "primitive". Es is just a swordswoman (is that a word?), so her moveset is way different than that of other girls on the list. Izayoi is a character with a gauge to make her attacks stronger, a powered-up mode that is accessible at any time, teleports that are better than Nu's blink, and a summon that assists her in battle. Everyone else are primitive compared to her. And she can fly.

      I haven't played CF enough, so I can't say anything about the new characters. Might go and edit this post later.

      • Favorite to play as: Minerva (she's an ES after all) Noel. It is fun to spam D (Celica player here).
      • Least favorite to play as: Izayoi. I can't get used to her attacks, and those Gain Art dashes are insane.
      • Least favorite to play against: Lambda and Nu? They both have annoying projectiles.
      • Favorite to play against: Mu. It is easier to Lance into her projectiles to get some Recover Cap, since once she sets a Stein, I know that a projectile comes out after a slight delay.

      You mentioned that you love to beat Izanami, and two sentences later you said that your cat is named "Izanami". That looks funny.

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    • I like the irony of the name of my kitty and favoite character to beat up is indeed funny :).  I just like the story of Izanami a great deal, thus the name.

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    • Favorite to play - Lambda. her combos are simple and give a lot of damage. and she's cute when it's not fighting. Es is a PFD at all? She's fun to play with

      Least favorite to play - Izayoi. really weird character to play e-e

      Least favorite to play against - Nu. fast projectiles... i hate fast projectiles e-e. 

      Favorite to play againts - Mu. don't matter the difficulty, she's damn hell easy. 

      I'm neutral with Noel. fun to play, not that hard to beat, imo she's just isn't good as Lambda and Es e-e

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    • Es is not a "PDF" (Portable Document Format?), but she is a Prime Field. A "Boundary Contact Prime Field Manifestation", also known as "Embryo Storage".

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    • Automatic corrector, sorry :P

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