• Her unique armor and blades:  

    I get that her shields are more armor-like than weapon-like.  However, these shields are definately in the rough shape of a sword.  Further, during her Exceed Accel attack her armor detaches and act as blades that harm the opponent.  In addition, while not part of the large-blade per se, her armor definately powers up her Justice Phorizor.  Finally, her armor also acts as thrusters during her Gain Art mode and Astral Heat.  I believe these are all unique factors to her armour that should be mentioned as something that sets her apart from the Murakumo Units even though she is the prototype for said units.

    Also, a random question.  Is her weapon a sword or a pike?  I have seen it refered to both ways.  I was just wondering if there is an official designation made by the Arc Systems Works?  Either way, should that be mentioned on her page?

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    • This is relevant information, feel free to add it.

      According to Izayoi's motion concepts, her floating shields are called "funnels" (ファンネル), and I barely managed to find how her weapon's called, and apparently it's a "spear" (矛)

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    • I feel like there is a mistake in Izayoi's appearance section, particuarly this part:

      "her armor being a sleeveless, b'lack, skin-tight bodysuit' with a short, slender, white outfit, and white, knee-length boots."

      The bolded part I feel is a mistake, because from what I see in all her official images and her ingame sprites, it's more of a purple color than black.

      Should that be corrected?

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    • Yup, do it. It's certainly not black.

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    • Done.

      If anyone else thinks that needs to change/refined further, feel free to do so.

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    • Correct me if I'm wrong, but the second sentence of Izayoi's history might be incorrect

      Izayoi is the true form of the Sealed Armament: Izayoi that Tsubaki undertakes to don the power of Immortal Breaker. This form was awakened twice, once during the battle with Jin Kisaragi before Amaterasu Unit's Event Interference, and once after, when Noel materialized it with her power of the Eye.

      The reason for this is I've been watching the arcade video's on Youtube and from what I've seen, Aside from Jin's arcade and CP's story, Izayoi also awakens in Makoto and Kagura's arcade mode's and maybe Rachel's though from what I've seen her encounter with Izayoi seems to take place after Tsubaki breaks free from the Mind Eater.

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    • Is it better now?

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    • Yeah, that reads better.

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