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The Realm (心象風景 Shinshō Fūkei, Imagined Landscape) is an imagined landscape unconsciously created by Noel Vermillion in response to the Phenomenon Intervention caused by the Master Unit and Takamagahara during the events of BlazBlue: Chronophantasma. The Realm appears as the 13th Hierarchical City of Kagutsuchi and consists of imagined areas such as the Kagutsuchi Port at 10.30 am, the Gate, and the Altar.

The Realm is a manifestation of Noel's mind's eye due to her power of the Eye of the Azure. While not made as a conscious decision by Noel, the landscape itself was created by her strong desire to seek power. It is inside the space that Noel learnt how to control her power of the Eye. Rachel Alucard could freely drop in and out of the Realm as per her desire.

Noel can use the Realm to change something she wishes if she uses her will. Her desire being to help save Tsubaki Yayoi. Given how unstable the Realm was when Noel first accessed it, Rachel Alucard leant a small ounce of her power to help make Noel's wish a reality; but only once Noel had proved that she truly desired to make a change.

Inside the Realm during Noel's Arcade story accept one's portion Noel later engaged an illusionary Nu -No. 13- inside The Gate and defeated it while being watched by Rachel. Following this, Noel was later transported to the Altar where she engaged her alter-self - Mu -No. 12-. This version of Mu was the one residing within Noel's mind after the damage dealt by Yūki Terumi. After defeating Mu, Rachel congratulated Noel as Noel began to understand the power of the Azure and finally came to terms with her status as an artificial being; alongside this, Noel finally began to understand the truth behind her resolve, and with this, she set out to find Tsubaki. Unfortunately, Phenomenon Intervention lead to the events being rewritten.

Noel later accessed the Realm again in Chronophantasma's story mode, where she dueled a mute Mu -No. 12- once more, except this time, Noel was in her Novus Orbis Librarium uniform. After defeating her alter-ego, Noel accepted the Power of Azure and came to terms with her other self, gaining the ability to freely tap into her powers of Mu when she pleased. The Realm itself was created inside Noel's private dorm inside of the NOL quarters; it is because of this that the room's dimensional fabric had been coated and became impervious to outside intervention as its time had became out of sync with the time of the real world.

However, Hazama intervened and entered the Realm due to the opening left by Rachel and her intervention. Hazama then transported her into The Gate and switched to Terumi. He then began to belittle her and summoned the real Nu -No. 13- to fight in his stead; as well as this, he had the two opponents Observe one-another so that Nu could synchronize with Noel and be recognized as the Successor to the Azure. With Noel losing her calm, she tapped into her new-found powers as Mu, and engaged her sister unit. After Nu had observed Mu, she left. Rachel soon descended into the area, asking if she was alright and demanding that she left the Realm immediately. As she did, the room's time finally synced back with the real worlds and the room was able to be accessed once more.

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