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The Ten Sages (十聖 Jū Sei) are the leaders of the Mage's Guild. Their headquarters is on the island of Magister's City: Ishana. All the members are named after the numbers 1-10. In the Phase Shift novels, they are named after the first ten English numbers, while in XBlaze – Code: Embryo they are named after the first ten German numbers. Six of the Phase Shift era Saints are known and only four of the Sages are known in the XBlaze era. Nine is their most notable member. The ten seats of the Ten Sages have never been full.


A privileged class possessing the highest authority within the Mage's Guild. Only those that exhibited vast knowledge, experience, enormous magical power and a certain degree of contribution toward the Mage's Guild, could be appointed as one of the Ten Sages. As only few could fulfill those requirements, the ten seats were never filled at the same time.[1]

List of members


The known Sages in XBlaze – Code: Embryo are:

Title Name Note
Zwei Marcelyn F. Mercury Sage also known as Ringo Akagi
Drei Unknown Deceased
Sechs Unknown Deceased
Acht Unknown Deceased

Kuon Glamred Stroheim is being considered to become a Sage.

Phase Shift

The known Sages in the Phase Shift novels are:

Title Name Note
One Relius Clover
Two Unknown Deceased
Three Unknown Bolverk's first wielder, deceased
Four Unknown Deceased
Seven Unknown Yukianesa's first wielder, status unknown
Eight Unknown Deceased
Nine Konoe A. Mercury Member of the Six Heroes, first wielder of Takemikazuchi


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