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Technology of Interest, or TOi, is an application in XBlaze – Code: Embryo that can be used to alter the course and outcome of the story depending on what articles are read or left unread. It appears again in the BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience novels.


TOi is an incredibly popular application that is enjoyed by people of all ages across the Earth. It analyzes the preferences, enjoyments, and interests of users and gathers information from the Internet; it will gather information for users, even when not in use. Its creator is a mysterious person only known to the public as TC.

Like other modern-day applications, TOi's reception net may not reach certain areas, such as Shin Kawahama First High School.

In-game use

In-game, TOi will be displayed when it's accessible. There are three different types of icons that the TOi will display. The TOi icon indicates that it will be accessible, lest only for a short time; it will flash when a new article has been added. The TOi Lock Icon indicates that it cannot be accessed during the time; this only happens when the protagonist is not present or when an event is occurring. Finally, the TOi Event Icon indicates that a TOi related event is happening. Like the TOi Lock Icon, it indicates that the app is unavailable.

Instances known as TOi Events occur when certain TOi articles have been read, activating scenarios relating to which articles have and haven't been read. Depending on the player's outcome, the course of the story may change because of these events.


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