The Technical Type (テクニカルタイプ Tekunikaru Taipu) is the default control scheme of BlazBlue. In the Technical Type, the player has access to all of the systems, commands, and special attacks. Unlike the Stylish Type, however, commands are much harder to execute.


In each main installment of BlazBlue, every playable character can perform normal and special attacks, Distortion Drives, and Astral Heats. Every character also has access to a special mechanic of BlazBlue: Drive.

Normal attacks are basic attacks that are executed by pressing A, B, or C with or without a directional input. Such attacks tend to be comboable through Revolver Action and do not deal chip damage when blocked.

Drives work differently for each character, but are executed with the D button. A Drive can be an attack with additional properties, or it also can be used to switch from one mode to another, to alter the battlefield, to enhance a special attack or to unlock one.

Special attacks are executed by a pre-determined series of inputs. While inputs of normal attacks tend to be almost the same for each character, every character has their own set of special attacks. Each special attack will have different properties, inputs and costs, but they are most often used to cancel normal attacks. Unlike normal attacks, specials deal chip damage.

Distortion Drives are basically powerful special attacks. They tend to have more complicated inputs, and cost at least 50% of the Heat Gauge. Each character has their own set of Distortion Drives.

Astral Heats are finishing attacks. They can be executed under very strict conditions, but once the opponent is hit by this attack, they will certainly lose the match. Every character has only one Astral Heat, the input varies for each one.

Aside from unique inputs of each character, there are universal systems that use the same input for every character:

  • The normal block is performed simply by pressing the “backwards” directional input when the opponent’s attack is about to hit the player’s character.
  • The Barrier block is performed by pressing the “backwards” directional input while holding A+B, when the opponent’s attack is about to hit the player’s character.
  • Throws and Throw Escapes are performed by pressing B+C.
  • Counter Assaults are performed by pressing the “forward” directional input while holding A+B, when the player’s character is blocking an attack.
  • Rapid Cancels are performed by pressing A+B+C, when the player’s character is in the middle of an animation.
  • Break Bursts are performed by pressing A+B+C+D, when the player’s character is blocking or taking damage.
  • Recovery actions are performed by pressing A, B or C, and can be combined with directional inputs.
  • Crush Trigger is performed by pressing A+B.
  • Overdrives are performed by pressing A+B+C+D.
  • Exceed Accels are performed by pressing A+B+C+D during Overdrive.


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