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XBlaze Code Embryo (Illustration, 76)

Last known member of Takamagahara and the T-system

The Takamagahara (情報観測器研究開発機構(タカマガハラ), Information Observing Device Research and Development Organization) was an organization that officially was developing new energy source in Wadatsumi Laboratory, but in reality tried to create the T-system.


The Takamagahara was an organization the was in a cooperative relationship with the Magical Association, however, it was disbanded after the Wadatsumi Mass Vanish Incident.

The earliest that is know about Takamagahara was that they bought the Wadatsumi land from Amanohokosaka family after that the Magical Association tried to crush them. There in Wadatsumi they built the Laboratory, known as Wadatsumi Laboratory.

In the Wadatsumi Laboratory, Takamagahara started to develop the T-system but in order to be able to temper the main core of T-system, Code: Embryo, Takamagahara was provided by Magical Association the Original Grimoire.

During the tempering of the Code: Embryo one of the scientist, Ryōko Kagari, realized that the Grimoire would drain the souls of the entire city of New Yokozaki and stopped the tempering half-way.

After Wadatsumi Incident, the Takamagahara was disbanded and one of the survivors, Sōichirō Unomaru, would continue the creation of the T-system with backing from Mitsurugi Agency.

All traces of Code: Embryo and the Original Grimoire disappeared and would not be found until ten years later.

Known members of Takamagahara

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