The T-system (T-システム T-shisutemu), or the Takamagahara system (タカマガハラシステム Takamagahara shisutemu), was an advanced computer system that would calculate every living things thought pattern and predict what would happen. After calculating, it would use the Power of God, Event Interference, to change the unwanted thoughts and control the world for a more peaceful world.

But in order to have the immense power needed to drive the T-system and the power, Event Interference, one key component is needed, Code: Embryo.

Code: Embryo could open the Gate and draw power from the Boundary and with the Blue Eyes it would be able to use the Power of God, Event Interference.



  • “Takamagahara” (高天原) in Japanese means “Plain of High Heaven”. In Shintō, it is the dwelling place of the kami.