“sword of doom” is the theme song of Mu-12.

Track listing


Original version

Daisuke Ishiwatari - sword of doom

Daisuke Ishiwatari - sword of doom


Remixed version

Daisuke Ishiwatari - sword of doom II

Daisuke Ishiwatari - sword of doom II



Kanji Rōmaji Translation

偽りし神よ 虚空に揺らぎし

Itsuwarishi kami yo, kokū ni yuragishi
Kaiki no toki wo matsu

The false god, that doth waver in the void,
Waiting for the moment of revival

願いし光は 蒼炎に染まり

Negaishi hikari wa, sōen ni somari
Mugen no yami to naru

Yearned light taketh on blue blaze,
Turn into eternal darkness

光無き刻の岸辺へと Hikari naki toki no kishibe he to Unto the brink of a time without light

産まれしは虚無を 死んで染あげし剣は

Umareshi wa kyomu wo, shinde some ageshi tsurugi wa
Towa no tsumi wo
Idaki ao ni ochite iku

What hath been borne doth die in nothingness, and the sword stained in death,
That embraceth perpetual sin,
doth fall into the blue

この眼に映るは 偽りの輪廻

Kono me ni utsuru wa, itsuwari no rinne
Ikusen no yume wa kyomu

In this eye, the endless cycle of lies reflects,
Thousands of empty dreams

残された記憶 その断片 Nokosareta kioku, sono kakera The fragments of memories left behind

終焉と誘う 血塗れし罪の刃 

Shūen to izanau, chinurareshi tsumi no yaiba
Towa no itami wo idaki ao ni ochite iku

Blade of sin stained in blood, which calleth the end,
Embraceth sin perpetual, and doth fall into the blue

絶望の果て 旅立つ魂

Zetsubō no hate, tabidatsu tamashī
Arekurū gōka

On the brink of despair, the spirit doth enter,
Into the inferno of Hell

悠久に刻みし 記憶の傷痕は罰

Yūkyū ni kizamishi, kioku no kizuato wa batsu
Wasurenu kibō wo idaki ao ni ochite iku
Towa no yami no hate ni nemuru hikari wo motome

The punishment, eternally scarring memories
Embrace hope unforgotten and fall into the blue,
Seek the light which slumbers at the end of the eternal darkness


  • The lyrics are taken from the CD insert, and there are several instances of non-standard readings of certain words (written in kanji) which are written in furigana in the CD insert, and can be heard in-song – e.g. koku () as toki (); eigō (永劫) as towa (永久).
  • “sword of doom II” begins with two first lines of the last verse.


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