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Susanoo is a very unique character due to the fact, that he is a slow and bulky rushdown character. He starts with almost no special moves since they need to be unlocked in battle via using his Drive, making him a relatively weak character at round start. However, Susanoo is not to be underestimated; unlocking his specials makes him a powerhouse character with high damage output and scary tools.

The key to success when playing Susanoo is to unlock mentioned special attacks. He has eight icons above his Heat Gauge, which are all locked with the exception of the first seal. Each of these seals represents a special attack. Normal hits on your opponent, even if the attack was blocked, will cause a cursor to appear and mark a special. The cursor cycles through the eight seals in numerical order and will reappear at the first seal if the cursor was at seal 8 when another hit was dealt. All of his Drive attacks will unlock the marked seal or level it up if possible, and set the cursor back to 0. Susanoo’s unlocked specials do not carry over round, they have to be unlocked again every round.

While Susanoo is weaker than most other characters at round start, he tends to become very good on the offense with the right specials unlocked. His lack of speed is made for with his long reaching moves. His combos usually use sets of normal moves that have to be linked with a special to deal big damage. Combos can be linked with a wide array of choices: Tearing Down: Mad Claw (薙ギ裂ク・狂爪 Nagisaku: Kyōsō, localized as Sundering Claws) (level 2 and 3), Scattering Off: Small Rock (散リ殺グ・礫巌 Chirisogu: Rekigan, localized as Megalith) (level 1), Hunting Off: Assault Fang (狩リ絶ツ・襲牙 Karitatsu: Shūga, localized as Hunter’s Fang) (both levels), Crawling Dance: Twin Leg (這イ舞ウ・双脚 Haimau: Sōkyaku, localized as Dancing Dual Kick), Severing: Flashing Blade (断チ斬ル・閃刃 Tachikiru: Senjin, localized as Blade of Judgment) and Crush Trigger are good tools to use in combos. The more specials you unlock in the fight, the scarier Susanoo gets since he’s not only given more options to fight but also increases the damage of his Mad Conquering: Massacre of the Fierce God (討チ狂ウ・鬼神ノ殲撃 Uchikurū: Kishin no Sengeki, localized as Strike of the Possessed God) Distortion Drive.

Obviously, as a rushdown character, Susanoo lacks defensive tools. His Counter Assault uses the animation of 5D and has therefore pretty good range. Miraculous Emitting: Towering Flame (灼キ噴ク・楼焔 Yakifuku: Rōen, localized as Towering Flame) is a nice defense option, but is terribly unsafe if blocked or whiffed and should be used thoughtfully. Lastly, Releasing: Dagger of Demon Burial (解キ放ツ・魔葬ノ凶刃 Tokihanatsu: Masō no Kyōjin, localized as Liberating Dagger) can be used as a reversal option since Susanoo is fully invincible during the move, but it’s even worse on block than Towering Flame.

Command list

Basic moves

Input Damage Heat gain
A 450 ?
BBCF Susanoo 5A Standard poke. Aimed slightly low, can hit crouchers due to this. Cannot cancel consecutively but is very positive on block and 2A can be used to continue the pressure.
Input Damage Heat gain
B 770 ?
BBCF Susanoo 5B Tail swipe. Enough range to reach opponent at round start distance. Used in many standard combos.
Input Damage Heat gain
C 1000 ?
BBCF Susanoo 5C A slow high kick. May poke an airborne opponent.
Input Damage Heat gain
2A 300 ?
BBCF Susanoo 2A A low hitting claw jab. Hits mid.
Input Damage Heat gain
2B 720 ?
BBCF Susanoo 2B Low claw swipe, hits mid. Main followup to 2A.
Input Damage Heat gain
2C 700*2 ?
BBCF Susanoo 2C Very high reaching kick, hits twice. Anti-air optional.
Input Damage Heat gain
6A 800 ?
BBCF Susanoo 6A Full screen instant projectile.

Susanoo fires dark energy very fastly at the opponent. Can be used to quickly unlock or level a special via 4D. This move is horribly unsafe when used near opponent. Rarely combos into anything.

Input Damage Heat gain
6B 850*2 ?
BBCF Susanoo 6B Two-hit elbow thrust and punch which carries Susanoo forward. Both hits are Fatal Counters; hits mid.
Input Damage Heat gain
6C 1120 ?
BBCF Susanoo 6C Axekick. Hits overhead.
Input Damage Heat gain
3C 800*2 ?
BBCF Susanoo 3C A tail swipe along with a low sliding kick.

Long range dual hitting sweep. Special cancelable, hits low. Can loop up to four time with “Blade of Judgement” in corner.

Input Damage Heat gain
(in air)
450 ?
BBCF Susanoo jA A quick aerial palm jab. Hits overhead. Does not cancel into itself.
Input Damage Heat gain
(in air)
740 ?
BBCF Susanoo jB A diagonally aimed claw slash. Has horizontal range.
Input Damage Heat gain
(in air)
770*2 ?
BBCF Susanoo jC Aerial roundhouse kick aimed downward, hits twice. Also hits overhead.


Input Damage Heat gain
BC ? ?
BBCF Susanoo BC Picks the opponent up and releases them, then kicks upward. Makes opponent airborne.
Input Damage Heat gain
4BC ? ?
BBCF Susanoo 4BC Raises opponent up with one hand, drops them and then gut punches.

Wallbounces midscreen and wallsplats in the corner.

Input Damage Heat gain
(in the air)
? ?
Susanoo latches onto the opponent in midair engraving both his claws into the opponent to then rip apart leaving dark claw energy trails. Knocks opponent upward.

Counter Assault

Input Damage Heat gain
Knocks back opponent with his 5D.

Crush Trigger

Input Damage Heat gain
AB 1000
BBCF Susanoo CT A smashing stomp.

Great for midscreen combo carry and sees usage in high damaging corner combos.


Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
any direction +
武神 Takegami God of Military Arts Divine Warrior
Every Drive attack will unlock the highlighted icon, granting Susanoo a new special or leveling up one.
Input Damage Heat gain
D 1100 ?
BBCF Susanoo 5D A double palm thrust. Decent hitstun.

Special cancelable, hits mid.

Input Damage Heat gain
2D 1080 ?
BBCF Susanoo 2D Low reaching quick clawing swipe. Special cancelable, hits low.

Decent range, but unsafe on block.

Input Damage Heat gain
6D 1150 ?
BBCF Susanoo 6D Scythe-like kick of darkness.

Special cancelable, hits overhead.

Input Damage Heat gain
4D ? ?
BBCF Susanoo 4D Roar. Cycles through specials each time it is used. If it is used on a move that is locked or has levels that are not unlocked, it will unlock them. Otherwise, it will continue cycling.
Input Damage Heat gain
(in air)
1100 ?
BBCF Susanoo jD Rotates arms creating circular dark energy tails in the trajectory of the rotation. Main air combo ender.


Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
絶葬ノ刻 Zessō no Koku Time of Entombment Shrieks of the Entombed ? ?
BBCF (Susanoo Overdrive) Temporarily unlocks all Susanoo’s special attacks and all specials counts as being max level.

Exceed Accel

Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
(during Overdrive)
血滾ル・斂激 Chitagiru: Rengeki Blood Boiling: Tightening Rage Bloodspiller 2000
4000 (Active Flow)
BBCF Susano'o Bloodspiller Launches opponent upward with a knee strike, Susanoo then spin-dashes engulfed in dark energy upon the opponent further upward. He then grabs them, bringing down the opponent from high in the air slamming into the ground causing debris and dark energy to shoot up into the air.

Special moves

Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
236A 薙ギ裂ク・狂爪 Nagisaku: Kyōsō Tearing Down: Mad Claw Sundering Claws 900 ?
BBCF Susanoo 236A First locked special. A dashing attack with the face upon shoulder. Has three levels, but Susanoo starts the round with this special at level 1. Hits mid.

3rd level version follows up with a claw slash that knocks opponent upward leaving vulnerable to combo.

Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
623C 灼キ噴ク・楼焔 Yakifuku: Rōen Miraculous Emitting: Towering Flame Towering Flame 1400 ?
BBCF Susanoo 623C Second locked special. Susanoo punches the ground erupting dark energy that spikes the opponent. Invulnerable startup, also reversals. Very unsafe on block and whiff.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
214A 散リ殺グ・礫巌 Chirisogu: Rekigan Scattering Off: Small Rock Megalith 1100 ?
BBCF Susanoo 214A Third locked special. A powerful kick that ruptures the ground, causes dark energy to rise from it. Has three levels, hits mid. Level 3 version guard crushes.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
(air also)
狩リ絶ツ・襲牙 Karitatsu: Shūga Hunting Off: Assault Fang Hunter’s Fang 840*2 ?
BBCF Susanoo 214B Fourth locked special. A damaging spinning flip-jump that knocks opponent downward and is then ground bounced. Has two levels, level 2 hits twice and additionally ends with a pillar of dark energy rising from the ground. First hit is overhead, second hits mid.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
236B 這イ舞ウ・双脚 Haimau: Sōkyaku Crawling Dance: Twin Leg Dancing Dual Kick 1304 (total) ?
BBCF Susanoo 236B Fifth locked special. A low-hitting, dashing thrash that follows up with a rising kick that knocks opponent airborne for combo advantage. First hits are low, last hit is mid and hits airborne opponents.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
圧シ焼ク・惨禍 Oshiyaku: Zanka Authority Burning: Calamity Inevitable Calamity ? ?
BBCF Susanoo InevitableCalamity Sixth locked special.

Susanoo discharges dark electricity from his hand. Mashing this input extends the attack to a certain point. Ability to absorb projectiles. Does amazing chip damage.

Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
63214C 衝キ刺ス・絶掌 Tsukisasu: Zesshō Thrusting: Suppressing Palm Splintering Thrust 1080*2 ?
BBCF Susanoo 63214C Seventh locked special. A command grab.

Susanoo charges at the opponent. If connects, he takes the opponent to the wall and slams them creating a smog of darkness.

Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
236D 断チ斬ル・閃刃 Tachikiru: Senjin Severing: Flashing Blade Blade of Judgment 1650 ?
BBCF Susanoo 236D Eighth locked special.

Creates a large blade of dark energy and slashes the opponent. Hits almost fullscreen along the ground. One of Susanoo’s best specials.

Distortion Drives

Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
236236D 解キ放ツ・魔葬ノ凶刃 Tokihanatsu: Masō no Kyōjin Releasing: Dagger of Demon Burial Liberating Dagger 2800 ?
BBCF Susanoo 236236D Susanoo forms a more powerful version of his “Flashing Blade” to wreck the opponent with a deadly slash akin to the execution of Terumi’s final strike in his Astral Heat. Hits fullscreen and is invulnerable on startup. Can cancel from “Massacre of the Fierce God”.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
632146D 討チ狂ウ・鬼神ノ殲撃 Uchikurū: Kishin no Sengeki Mad Conquering: Massacre of the Fierce God Strike of the Possessed God 2428, 4567 ?
BBCF Susanoo 632146D Susanoo performs every unlocked special attack, finishing in a laser beam from his mouth. Duration of this DD depends on how many specials are unlocked.
Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
Hold2 then 8D
(during Overdrive)
哭キ穿ツ・崩落ノ怨嗟 Nakiugatsu: Hōraku no Ensa Weeping Drill: Collapsing Resentment Collapsing Resentment ? ?
BBCF Susanoo 28D Unlocks all specials for further use. Does not level them up.

Astral Heat

Input Japanese name English name English localization Damage Heat gain
21441236C 狂王ノ咆哮・大蛇滅殺 Kyoō no Hōkō: Orochi Messatsu Roar of the Mad King: The Serpent Annihilation Roar of the Mad King 99999 ?
BBCF Susanoo Astral Susanoo knocks the opponent to the ground with his fist then clenches his fist, which the strength of the clenched fist then blows them away. He then forms a large blade of dark energy that creates circulating dark energy waves around himself and slashes downward, causing a multitude of dark energy slashes to fill the screen, erasing the opponent from existence and causing immense damage to the landscape.


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