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I pray as Successor of the Azure… Bring the light that shines upon this earth before me, Master Unit… Amaterasu.
―Call of Nu -No. 13- for Amaterasu
Chronophantasma (Chronophantasma, Story Mode Illustration, 15, Type B)

Assimilation of Noel and Nu

The Successor of the Azure (蒼の継承者 Ao no Keishōsha, Successor of the Blue), also known as the Calamity Trigger (蒼の継承者(カラミティトリガー) Karamiti Torigā, Successor of the Blue) is the title of those who inherited the true Azure. The Successor is a perfected Dimensional Boundary Prime Field Device.[1]

Noel Vermillion awoke as the Successor during the events of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. Using the Eye of the Azure, she is the only being capable of locating the Amaterasu Unit within the infinite reaches of the Boundary.

Nu -No. 13-, after the process of assimilation between her and Noel, became a false Successor and became able to open the Nemesis Horizon and summon the Master Unit.

Judging by the name of a save file, when Hinata Himezuru transferred her Embryo to Es, the latter became a Successor.[2]


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