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Hakumen (Calamity Trigger, Story Mode Illustration, 2)

The Six Heroes
From Left to Right: Trinity, Valkenhayn, Konoe, Mitsuyoshi, Hakumen, Yūki

The Six Heroes (六英雄 Roku Eiyū) were a group of warriors who banded together with mankind to fight against the Black Beast during the Dark War. When mankind was on the brink of destruction, the Six Heroes appeared. The Six Heroes were the ones who taught mankind the secret of "Magus" and together, they defeated the Black Beast.

It is said by Jubei that each warrior was traveling alone before the events of the Dark War and that Hakumen was the leader of the Six Heroes.

Known membersEdit

Hakumen (Calamity Trigger, Arcade Mode Illustration, 2)

The Six Heroes facing the Black Beast.
Top Left: Mitsuyoshi, Top Right: Nine, Center Left: Hakumen, Center Right: Yūki, Bottom Left: Valkenhayn, Bottom Right: Trinity

Bloodedge and Clavis Alucard were amongst the many who aided the Six Heroes during the Dark War, but never received recognition for it.

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