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The Seventh Agency Upper Section Board Meeting (第七機関上層部重役会議 Dai-Nana Kikan Jōsōbu Jūyaku Kaigi, localized as Sector Seven Board Meeting) was an event in 2195 AD, it occurred in the beginning of BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend's that which is inherited short story. Around 15-20 high ranking Seventh Agency officials attended the meeting, with Kokonoe being one of them.

The meeting discussed the Ibukido experiments, which had already entered phase 3, however, Tenjō Amanohokosaka held large opposition against the experiments and the Ikaruga Civil War in general. Eventually, the meeting shifted into a general discussion about Tenjō and his aims, with the agreement being that he was a 'weak' man, leading into a discussion about strengthening the Seventh Agency forces so that they could stand a chance against the World Void Information Controlling Organization troops. Following this, the meeting discussed the arrival of strange movements within the 4th Hierarchical City "Naobi", to which no follow up had been issued at the time; one official proposed a full scale push of their forces to Naobi in case something else would happen, but this was shot down as Tenjō would not cooperate if they gave him the option.

Feeling that the meeting was going around in circles, Kokonoe promptly escaped without anyone's notice. She later called the meeting 'one huge gossip session'.

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