English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Strike your fancy? こんなものか、どうだ?, Konna mono ka, dōda? How’s this?
5B / 2B
Hmph! そこだ!, Soko da! There!
5C / 6C / j.5C
What say you?! どうだ?, Dōda? How’s this?
Enjoy! 散れ。, Chire. Scatter.
2C / 3C / j.5C
Scatter! 痛いだろう?, Itai darō? Does it hurt?


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Standing Throw
Outclassed. 堪えて見せろ。, Taete misero. Show me if you can endure it.
Air Throw
Get you gone! 逃がさん。, Niga san. You can’t run.
Do pay attention!
Throw Whiff
Throw Reject
Unhand me!
Next time, perhaps.
Pardon me!
Throw Rejected
Slippery aren’t you?


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Detonator (summon)
Ignis! イグニス。, Igunisu. Ignis.
Awake! 起動。, Kidō. Activate.
Detonator (j.2D)
Attack! こんなものか、どうだ?, Konna monoka, dōda? How’s this?
Detonator (j.8D)
Ignis! いけ!, Ike! Go!
Prove your worth to me!


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Id Lauger
Manus! (Hand!) イド・ロイガー!, Ido Roigā! Id Lauger! (The Lauger!)
Id Haas
Volant! (Flight!)
Haas! (Haas!) ハース!, Hāsu! Haas! (Haas!)
Id Naiads
Cruoi! (Blood!)
Naiads! (Nair!) ナイア!, Naia! Naiads! (Nair!)
Led Ley
Ley! レド・リー。, Redo Rī. Led Ley.
Glasses dirty? (vs. Carl) どこを見てるの?, Doko o miteru no? Where are you looking at?
What’s wrong, Hazama? (vs. Hazama) どうした、ハザマ?, Dōshita, Hazama? What’s wrong, Hazama?
Val Lanto
Dentibus! (Teeth!) バル・ラント!, Baru Ranto! Val Lanto! (Val Breakers!)
Lanto! (Breakers!) ラント!, Ranto! Lanto

! (Breakers!)

Val Lyra
Caesoria! (Cutter!) バル・ライア!, Baru Raia! Val Lyra! (Val Lyre!)
Lyra! (Lyre!) ライア!, Raia! Lyra! (Lyre!)
Val Tus
Lacesso! (Provoke!) バル・テュス!, Baru Tyusu! Val Tus! (Val Comet!)
Tus! (Comet!) テュス!, Tyusu! Tus! (Comet!)
Geara Nose
Miseria! (Misery!) ギラ・ノーズ!, Gira Nōzu! Geara Nose! (Gear Nose!)
Nose! ノーズ!, Nōzu! Nose!
Geara Act
Morsus! (Bite!) ギラ・アクト!, Gira Akuto! Geara Act! (Geara Act!)
Acto! (Act!) ギラ・アクト!, Akuto! Acto! (Act!)
Bel Lafino
Curvia! (Curve!) ベル・ラフィーノ!, Beru Rafīno! Bel Lafino!
Lafino! ラフィーノ!, Rafīno! Lafino!

Distortion Drives

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Vol Tedo
Vol Tedo! (Vol Explosion!) ボル・テード。, Boru Tēdo. Vol Tedo. (Vol Explosion.)
Exustio! (Burning!)
Watch and learn, my son… Does it hurt? (vs. Carl) これはボルテック棺だ。覚えたか?, Kore wa borutekku kan da. Oboeta ka? This is the voltic coffin. Remember it?
捕えろイグニス!…逃がしはしない。, Toraero, Igunisu! …Nigashi wa shinai. Capture, Ignis! …You won’t escape.
Req Vinum
Machina! Ultimum! (Machine! Final!) レク・ヴィノム。終わりだ…。, Reku Vinomu. Owarida… Req Vinum. (Req Wine.) The end…
And the finale. Feel the pain. フィナル…初めよ。, Finaru… Hajime yo. The finale… begins.
ヴィノム!…逃がしはしない。, Vinomu! …Nigashi wa shinai. Vinum! (Wine!) …You won’t escape.
Duo Bios
Infractus! (Brokers!) デュオ・ヴァイオス。, Dyuo Vaiosu. Duo Bios. (Two Bios.)
Dance, Ignis! 舞え、イグニス!, Mae, Igunisu! Dance, Ignis!
Can you withstand my attack? (vs. Hazama) その身体で止められるか?, Sono karada de tomerareru ka? Is that body going to stop?
堪えて見せろ。, Taete misero. Show me if you can endure it.


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Maxima Dance
終わりだ。, Owari da. It’s over.

Astral Heat

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
The Puppeteer’s Altar
Ignis, finish them! You’re an impressive specimen! Now, let the experiments begin! イグニス、負わせろ…。なかなかに面白い素材だ。さて…実験の時間だ。, Igunisu, owasero… Nakanaka ni omoshiroi sozai da. Sate… jikken no jikan da. Ignis, finish them… Quite an interesting existence. Well then… time for an experiment. Regular match
Arming Detonator. Come! Why don’t you show me… the value of your soul? デトネーター、起動…。お前の魂の価値、…私に見せて貰うか?, Detonētā, kidō… Omae no tamashī no kachi… watashi ni misete morau ka? Detonator, activate. The value of your soul… Shall I take a look at it? Regular match
You’ve been a very naughty boy. I find it hard to believe you’re my offspring. Spare the rod, spoil the child! お仕置きの時間だ…。私のこと思い未熟さだ。今日は行けない必要だな。, Oshioki no jikan da… Watashi no koto omoi mijukku sa da. Kyō wa ikenai hitsuyō da na It’s punishment time… I remember you were still inexperienced… Now you’re still of no use. VS Carl
You’re no phenomena weapon. I’ll dispatch you. 模倣事象兵器… この眼で見てやろう。, Mohō jishō heiki… Kono me de mite yarou. Event Weapon imitation… Look into my eyes. VS Tager
Ignis, finish them! Makoto Nanaya, was it not? Ah! Your soul is truly impressive. イグニス、負わせろ…。マコト=ナナヤと言ったか?ふむ…なかなな良い魂だ。, Igunisu, owasero… Makoto Nanaya to itta ka? Hmm… Nakanaka yoi tamashī da. Ignis, finish them… Makoto Nanaya, isn’t it? Hmm… a fine soul. VS Makoto
So be it… What say you, Hazama? Surely you’ve had your fun… 仕方ない…。どうだ、ハザマ?準備も楽しいだろう?, Shikata nai… Dōda, Hazama? Junbi mō tanoshī darō? No choice then… How’s that, Hazama? Even preparations are fun too, don’t you think? VS Hazama

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
The Puppeteer’s Altar
The Puppeteer’s Altar! What a fascinating specimen… Let the experiments begin! Regular match
Ignis, finish them!  How delightful… Let’s enjoy ourselves, yes? Regular match
An imitation? How amusing. VS Tager
Fun times over. Have you not had enough? Times up Hazama! VS Hazama
Makoto Nanaya… You’ve grown into a fine soul! VS Makoto
You’ve no hope! Valkenhayn… Your time is up! VS Valkenhayn
You need to be educated! To think you are my son. You need to be punished. VS Carl



English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Unleashing barrier! 障壁解放。, Chōheki kaihō. Barrier release.



English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Well…shall we begin? よし、始めようか?, Yoshi, hajimeyōka? Shall we start? Regular match
You’d best not disappoint. Regular match
Now….submit to my tests. Regular match
You will show me the power of the Azure. さぁ、私に蒼の力を見せてみろ。, Saa, watashi ni ao no chikara wo misetemiro. Now, show me the power of the Blue. VS Ragna
To think that it’s you. VS Noel
Kokonoe’s toy soldier. VS Tager
Dance, Ignis! The boy… You have grown, have you not? 舞え、イグニス!, Mae, Igunisu. Dance, Ignis. VS Carl
Hm? That weapon you carry… VS Bang
Number 11. VS Lambda
Ah, the Power of Order. VS Hakumen
You waste our time with such antics. VS Hazama
Izayoi, the sealed Armagus. VS Tsubaki
This is the Kusanagi? Do tell. VS Mu
Why hello, and you are? VS Makoto
It’s been a long time, good Valkenhayn. VS Valkenhayn

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Hmph. You’ve made a fatal mistake. Regular match
Oh? I expect a lot. Regular match
Hmm? You’d do well to step aside. Regular match
Well then. Shall we begin? Regular match
Hmm. To battle. Regular match
Hmph. You daren’t disappoint. Regular match
The power of the Azure, Bloodedge. VS Ragna
The Power of Order… VS Jin
You’ve surpassed my expectation. VS Noel
You damn toy! VS Tager
Do entertain me. VS Carl
What a pleasant surprise. VS Bang
The Power of Order? You’ve lost my interest… VS Hakumen
… Number 13. VS Nu
I suppose I can spare a little time. VS Hazama
Show me the Kusanagi. VS Mu
A fine soul you have! VS Makoto
I fear you’ve aged too much. VS Valkenhayn
Oh? Intriguing. VS Izayoi
I expect a lot. VS Kagura
You dare not disappoint. VS Kagura
I see. You are a fascinating creature! VS Terumi
Kokonoe? Ohahahahaha! This will be very interesting. VS Kokonoe


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Victory (Round)
Well? Get up. Regular match
Don’t tell me that you’re done already. Regular match
Such banality. Regular match
I underestimated your abilities. Regular match
Is that all you’ve got, Carl? この程度か、カルル?, Kono teido ka, Karuru? Just this much huh, Carl? VS Carl
On your feet, weakling. 立て、カルル。, Tate, Karuru. Stand up, Carl. VS Carl
Up, trickster. 早く立て。, Hayaku tate. Stand up quickly. VS Hazama
Get up, stop feigning weakness. VS Hazama
Alas Kokonoe, your toy was fragile. その程度か、赤鬼?, Sono teido ka, Aka Oni? Just this much huh, Red Demon? VS Tager
Something amiss, Red Devil? どうした、赤鬼?, Dōshita, Aka Oni? What’s wrong, Red Demon? VS Tager
Another test, perhaps? VS Makoto
Unveil your secret soul to me. VS Makoto
Victory (Match)
Back to the earth, you worm. Regular match
Return to me, Ignis! Regular match
This data is worthless! Regular match
Our paths will not cross again. Good riddance. Regular match
You disappoint me, Ragna the Bloodedge. VS Ragna
Ever the weakling… a pity. VS Carl
Your curios never fail to disappoint, Kokonoe. VS Lambda
I trust that will suffice you, Hazama. ハザマ、遊びが過ぎるぞ。, Hazama, asobi ga sugiru zo. Hazama, you play around too much. VS Hazama
You galling variable. VS Hakumen
That sword is meant for your betters. VS Tsubaki
You’ve aged. VS Valkenhayn
Broken, alas. VS Tager
You, the godslayer? Absurd! VS Mu
Even now, Shuichiro, you bedevil me. VS Bang
Your soul is of interest to me. VS Makoto
楽しいかったぞ。, Tanoshī katta zo. That was enjoyable.
一人外れ。…詰らん。, Hitori hazure… Tsumaran. Another failure… How boring.


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Bested…by a fool…! …ばかな!, …Baka na! …Impossible! Regular match
My research must continue… Regular match
How could I have failed? Regular match


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
I can’t tell if you’re trying. Regular match
Hmph, what a waste. Regular match
Proceed with caution, lab rat. Regular match
Your efforts are mediocre. Regular match
一人外れ意味はどうだ?, Hitori hazure imi wa dōda? How does it feel to be a failure? Regular match
Prove your worth to me. Regular match
What’s wrong? I haven’t all day, you know. Regular match
We’re wasting time, Hazama. VS Hazama
さぁ、見せてくれ。, Saa, misetekure. Now, show me.
さぁ、初めよ。, Saa, hajime yo. Now, let’s begin.
Basic combo
You’d better not be holding back. Regular match
Practical combo
Shocking, yes? Regular match
Advanced Combo
You might be worth testing further. Regular match


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