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The Regulation Grimoire (調整の魔道書 Chōsei no Madōsho) is a grimoire that appears in BlazBlue: Remix Heart. At first, the grimoire was incomplete and was not able return to its original form so the grimoire went haywire and the climate in Torifune was affected. Makoto Nanaya found the Regulation Grimoire and the rest of Team Remix Heart helped restore it.

The first step needed to restore the Regulation Grimoire, should it ever fail, is to take a picture that matches the feelings imposed on the label of the photo album-like grimoire:

  • Joy – A picture of Tsubaki smiling at Jin laying down on her lap.
  • Anger – A picture of an angry Tsubaki, embarrassed at Makoto and Kajun.
  • Grief – A picture of a frightened Noel holding Mai tightly after she sees a bug.
  • Comfort – A picture of a bashful Mai, embarrassed of Makoto and Noel, all of them naked in the fresh water.


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