The Red Grimoire (紅の魔道書 Aka no Madōsho, localized as Crimson Grimoire), also known as the Burning Red (紅の魔道書(バニングレッド) Baningu Reddo, Red Grimoire) was researched by Nine and meant to be paired up with the Blue Grimoire.[1] It is the ultimate grimoire that no one has ever obtained. It allows its wielder to use the power of magic, even if they do not naturally possess the gift – making it one of the ultimate and most powerful of grimoires. Much like its partner grimoire, the Burning Red was long thought to be a myth.

Cypher Albar’s ultimate desire, the Burning Red, was researched extensively by him to the point of pure obsession. Despite the initial fairy-tale status of the grimoire, Kokonoe Mercury also sought out the grimoire’s power, sending Kajun Faycott out to the 15th Hierarchical City of Torifune to find it.

In order to make the grimoire, a vast number of souls are required as a catalyst, and a Remix Heart. Cypher eventually managed to make his dreams come true, and created the Burning Red, albeit incomplete thanks to the lack of souls used.

Physically, the grimoire resembles a small glowing orb that can easily fit into a persons palm. When being used, the orb seemingly takes the form of the magic being used, such as lightning being directed from the users hand. The magic launched from the grimoire is remarkably strong, even when incomplete, managing to easily break the walls surrounding a Kiln.

Hazama is the last known person to be in possession of the grimoire after Cypher’s murder.

Tager was initially meant to be equipped with it, but the failure in obtaining it forced Kokonoe to use the Event Weapon Imitation instead.[1]


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