Yahagi Sayuri, Tōyama Nao’s RADIO:XBLAZE (矢作紗友里・東山奈央のレディオ:エクスブレイズ Yahagi Sayuri, Tōyama Nao no RADIO:XBLAZE), commonly known as Radio: XBlaze is a Web Radio program made to promote XBlaze. It began to air on 超A&G+ (Chou A&G+, Super A&G+) on October 9, 2014, as a weekly series until the release of XBlaze – Lost: Memories. The hosts are Yahagi Sayuri (Brain Cat’s voice actor) and Tōyama Nao (Nobody’s voice actor).

It aired on Thursday 24:00 JST. It was also uploaded on Arc’s official NicoNico channel on Wednesday the week after. Other than the info about XBlaze and the free talk, there are also “corners” about different things. In many ways, it is the XBlaze equivalent of BlazBlue Radio. Pre-ordering XBlaze – Lost: Memories gave buyers a CD with a special radio episode which features Ayumi Fujimura (Me) and Mayuka Nomura (Es).

Main Corners

Riddle in Radio (ラジオでリドル Rajio de Ridoru) – Nao and Sayuri attempt to take on riddles sent in by the listeners.

D-Union Lab (D発症者ラボ Doraibu-Union Rabo) – Listeners will send in information about Drives they have awoken, and Nao and Sayuri will determine what Phase they are in.

My Memory is an Adventure (僕の記憶はアドベンチャー Boku no Kioku wa Adobenchā) – Listeners send in a story about something that happened to them, and Nao and Sayuri will create a genre based around it, much like the genre for XBlaze – Code: Embryo was the “Blue destiny” and Lost: Memories is the “Blue memory”. This corner is no longer used as it was replaced with the following. 

Moya Moya Phantom Field! (モヤモヤファントムフィールド! Moya Moya Fantomu Fīrudo!) – Listeners send in stories about when they said/did something and it felt really awkward, comparing the situation to arriving in the Phantom Field. For example, a waiter meant to say “Nan mei-sama”? (How many of you?) but instead said “Nani-sama?” (Who do you think you are?). Moya Moya Phantom Field was introduced on episode 9, replacing Boku no kioku wa Adventure!.


  • On the 11th episode, Nomura Mayuka (Es’ voice actor) was a guest.

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