The pseudo-Observers (疑似観測者 giji-Kansokusha) are Dimensional Boundary Contact Prime Fields left in the coffins around the Kiln of the 5th Hierarchical City of Ibukido. They are called this because they could not become Observers.


They were created by Relius Clover as the Observation Prime Fields (観測用素体群 Kansokuyō Sotai), and they all had Noel Vermillion’s appearance. They were designed to have the presence of “Noel”, and were similar to her, but none of them could become Noel. Instead, they were sacrificed to create her.

Although their lives were lost, they twice intervened the surroundings with their residual thoughts. The first time was when Makoto Nanaya discovered them, and they sent her to a timeline where Noel did not exist. The second time was during the Time of Decision, where Noel pulled Ragna the Bloodedge back to present time with their help.