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Throw Whiff
この!, Kono! Why you!


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Magical Symphony
Super awesome!
Did I scare you?
Come on!
Come forth!
You nitwit. (Hammer)
Kablam! (Kitty)
Burn! (Bomb)
Strike! (Missile)
It’s outta here! (Bat)
Kaboom! (Frying Pan)
Blammo! (16t Hammer)
This is gonna hurt! (Lion)
Mallet of justice! (Large Bomb, in the air)
Krr-cha! (Large Missile)
Going going gone! (Spike Bat)
Why I oughta… (Fan)


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Dream Sally
Lunar Lapidation! ドリームサリー!, Dorīmu Sarī! Dream Sally!
Luna’s Lapidation!
Swallow Moon
Swallow Moon! スワロームーン!, Suwarō Mūn! Swallow Moon!
Mami Circular
Celestial Impact! マミサーキュラー!, Mami Sākyurā! Mami Circular!
Air Persia
Immeasurable Comet! エアペルシャ!, Ea Perusha! Air Persia!
Just go away! (vs. Ragna) どっかいっちゃえ!, Dokka icchae!
Mystic Momo
I’m really angry now! 怒りますよ?, Okorimasu yo? Are you mad?
Now you’ve done it! お仕置きだっ!, Oshioki da! Punishment!
Luna’s mindblowing power! ルナ様パワー!, Runa-sama pawā! Great Luna’s power!
カチンときました…!, Kachin to kimashita…!
Dramatic Sammy
Imperial Calamity! ドラマチィックサミー!, Doramachikku Samī! Dramatic Sammy!
Behold Luna’s power! (vs Ragna) これがルナの力だ!, Kore ga Runa no chikara da! This is Luna’s power!
Luna’s immaculate assault! (vs Bang) ルナ様の華麗な一撃!, Runa-sama no kareina ichigeki! Great Luna’s beautiful attack!
Fallen Melody
Fatal Lament! フォーリンメロディ!, Fōrin Merodi! Fallen Melody!

Distortion Drives

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Miracle Jeanne
ミラクルジャンヌ!, Mirakuru Jan'nu! Miracle Jeanne!
We’re not gonna lose! (vs. Bang) とっておきの秘密技…!, Totte oki no himitsu-waza…!
Luna’s not the only one you’re facing. (vs. Ragna) 覚悟しろよ!?, Kakugo shiro yo!? Are you prepared?!
Cure Dot Typhoon
Things just got real! Armageddon! Typhoon! 思いっきりやっちゃいます、キュアドットタイフーン!, Omoikkiri yacchaimasu, Kyua Dotto Taifūn!
I’m going to pummel you! Armageddon! Typhoon! ボッコボコにしてやんよ!キュアドットタイフーン…!, Bokkoboko ni shite yan yo! Kyua Dotto Taifūn…!
You guys cannot… hope to withstand… Luna’s unholy wrath! (vs. Ragna)
Step aside! The almighty Luna… is comin' through! (vs. Bang)


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Magical Heart Catch
もう許しませにょう!, Mō yurushimasen yo! I will no longer forgive you!

Astral Heat

English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Shining Layered Force
The strength that lies dormant inside me… I will call upon you! Full power! Go! 僕の中に宿る力を…いま一つに!これが僕たちの!全力全開フルパワー!いっけぇー!!, Boku no naka ni yadoru chikara o… ima soitsu ni! Kore ga bokutachi no! Zenryoku zenkai furupawā! Ikkē!! Now… that one power dwelling inside me! This is ours! Full throttle, full power! Go!
When Luna and Sena’s spirits unite as one… we’ll crush all who oppose us! Take this! ルナとセナの力と思い…そいつが一つになれば!どんなヤツが相手でも!絶対無敵!素敵に最強!くっらぇぇー!, Runa to Sena no chikara to omoi… soitsu ga hitotsu ni nareba! Donna yatsu ga aite demo! Zettai muteki! Suteki ni saikyō! Kurraē!! The power and feelings of Luna and Sena… when two of us become one! Absolutely invincible! Lovely powerful! Eat this!



English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
Weaksauce! …ダメだってばぁ!, …Dame dattebā! …But I told you no more!
So cold… 酷い過ぎです!, Hidoi sugi desu! You’re so mean!
That’s going too far… もういやだ!, Mō iya da! No more!
痛いです!, Itai desu! It hurts!
酷い!, Hidoi! Meanie!


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes
…流石です!, …Sasuga desu! …As one would expect!
まだ!, Mada! Not yet!
Quick Wake-up
頑張ってます!, Ganbatte masu! Hang on!


English Quotes Japanese Quotes Translated Japanese Quotes Note
Luna, are you ready? Let’s do this together! Regular match
Sena, let’s go! You’re going down, meatsack! Regular match
I suggest you…don’t take me lightly! 自信ないけど…頑張ります!, Jishin nai kedo…ganbari masu! I’m not very confident…but I’ll do my best! Regular match
Magical Girl Pretty Luna…transform! Regular match
I think…fighting is bad. Regular match (Sena, CP)
Oh god! You slimy freak! このロリコン野郎!, Kono rorikon yarō! You lolicon bastard! VS Ragna, CS (Luna)
You damn pedo! Stay away! VS Ragna, CP (Luna)
​Why do I feel unsafe…? ロリコンなんですか?, Rorikon nandesu ka? Are you a lolicon? VS Ragna, CP (Sena)
Bring it on, washboard! VS Noel, CP (Luna)
Dammit! Will you pleaaase listen to Luna?! VS Bang, CS
Who are you calling a disciple!? VS Bang, CP (Luna)
Oh, Mr. Bang! VS Bang, CP (Sena)
Y-you damn boobie monster…! VS Litchi, CP (Luna)
Whoa, it’s Hakumen…gyah! VS Hakumen, CP (Luna)
Yūki Terumi! ユウキ…テルミ!, Yūki…Terumi! Yūki…Terumi! VS Hazama, CP (Trinity)
I will put an end to everything! ここで。。。すべてを終わらせます!, Koko de…subete wo owarase masu! Right here…everything will be finished! VS Terumi, CP (Trinity)
Are you a pedophile? Regular match
You should act your age… Regular match
Time out
いやだいやだいやだ、イヤダ!!, Iyada iyada iyada, iyada!! No way no way no way, NO WAY!! Regular match
S-Sena…! Regular match
L-Luna…! Regular match
Victory (Round)
So sad… Regular match
Um…please try harder. さぁ、立ちなさい。, Sā, tachinasai. Now, stand up please. Regular match
Not too shabby, huh? まだです。, Mada desu. I’m not done yet. Regular match
A-are you okay? Regular match
Weep! Regular match, CP
Huwah! Regular match, CP
Victory (Match)
Luna seems pleased as well… Regular match
Master Jūbei! That was impressive, right? 獣兵衛様、勝ちました!, Jūbei-sama, kachimashita! Master Jūbei, we won! Regular match
Master Jūbei, were you watching? Regular match
We win! 二人の勝利です。Futari no shōri desu. A victory for us both. Regular match
Woah, I managed to win somehow! 手加減したます?, Tekagenshita masu? Did you hold back? Regular match
Haha, victory! Regular match
The bounty and the fame…they’re all Luna’s! VS Ragna, CS
I’ll turn you into bounty money! VS Ragna, CP (Luna)
D-don’t expect us to follow you… VS Ragna, CP (Sena)
Luna still has hope, you know? VS Noel, CP (Luna)
Try cranking it down a couple of notches, would ya? VS Bang, CS
What do you think? Pretty good, right? VS Bang, CP (Luna)
The fruits of our labor… VS Bang, CP (Sena)
It’s not like I care, you know! VS Litchi
Don’t hold back on us! VS Hakumen, CP (Luna)
Whew, can’t remember a thing… VS Hazama, CP (Trinity/Luna)
I should’ve done this a long time ago… VS Terumi


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