XBlaze Lost Memories (Illustration, 53, Type C)
The Phantom Grimoire (幻影の魔導書 Gen'ei no Madōsho), also known as Phantom Memory (幻影の魔導書(ファントムメモリー) Fantomu Memorī), is a Grimoire that temporarily resided in Es’ left eye. It has access to the XBlaze ability.


Es could not open her left eye for a while, and wore a bandage over it. In the battle with Freaks, the bandage flew off, and the girl opened this eye, which became blue, when remembering “Me” and the Phantom Field. “Me” explained Es that she has the power to shape her feelings, and the stronger her desire is, the more power she will gain. However, it’s a miracle and can be used only once. After Freaks’ defeat, her eye reverted to its original color.


Deploying the phantom vision interferencing imaginary magic circle! Phantom Memory – XBlaze! (示幻干渉虚数方陣展開!!幻影の魔導書(ファントムメモリー)覚醒開放(エクスブレイズ)!! Jigen kanshō kyosū hōjin tenkai! Fantomu Memorī – EkusuBureizu!)[1]


  1. In English version of XBlaze – Lost: Memories, it is: “Phantom Intervention Complex Formation, deploy! PHANTOM MEMORY! XBLAZE!”


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