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Phantom Field

Phantom Field
Name: World of Tsukuyomi
Phantom Field
Kanji: ツクヨミのセカイ
Rōmaji: Tsukuyomi no Sekai
Fantomu Fīrudo

The Phantom Field, previously known as the World of Tsukuyomi, is a location created by Es.[1] Its only inhabitant was Nobody.


The World of Tsukuyomi existed between the Boundary and the real world. Es created the Phantom Field out of the world after falling into despair. It is an endless space that creates Memory Fragments from those who are there, and scatters it throughout its multiple levels.

The scenery there varies – in some parts it appears to be completely dark, but in other levels it is blue or pink.

For unknown reasons, monsters are there.

It appears in BlazBlue: Centralfiction as the location of Purgatorium.


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