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Omitting the double jump in the anti-air combos makes them much easier, and is highly recommended, as the damage differential is relatively slight. Instead of j.DD ➔ dj.DD, you can also do j.DD ➔ dj.2DD. Which is better depends on distance and height; dj.2DD is better at long distances, while dj.DD is better close up.
Any of the combos that end with Spike Chaser can be ended with Legacy Edge instead for additional damage, at the cost of 50% meter.
If you combo into Crescent Saber near the corner, you can land, and then continue comboing with 3C.
Tager and Rachel can be picked up off the ground with 5D after a knockdown. This allows for special combos against them, and also allows you to relaunch them for big damage if they do not tech quickly enough.
2C, and other multi-hit moves, can be hit confirmed. If the enemy is hit in the air, or you score a counter hit, jump up for an air combo. Otherwise, continue with a ground combo. Do not just run up and do 2C to your opponents in the hope of using the above close-range mixups. If the opponent instant blocks, you will miss with the 2147D. Instead, gatling into 5C first, and then proceed to 2C after a random number of hits.


Input CT CP Damage Note
6B> C(x4) >2C>6C>236D Y 3547
DD>4DD>236D Y 1854
6B> C(x4) >2C>6C>236D>ABC>66>2C>6C>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 5646 Requires 50% Heat
DD>4DD>236D>ABC>DD>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 3626 Requires 50% Heat
DD>4DD>96>2DD>214D Y 2301
DD~66>2C>6C>236D>ABC>66>2C>6C>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 4915 Requires 50% Heat
3C>214A>2C> 8C >2C>214D> land >66>3C>214A>6A> 8 >DD>214D> land >66>3C>236D Y 4691 Use from very close range only
DD>4DD>96> BC ➔ land >2C>6C>236D Y 3115


Input CT CP Damage Note
6A>2C> 8C >2C> 8C >2C>214D Y 3562
6DD>2DD> 8C >2C> 8C >2C>214D Y 3350
6A>2C> 8C >2C>214D>ABC> land >DD>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 4701 Requires 50% Heat
6DD>2DD> 8C >2C>214D>ABC> land >DD>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 4200 Requires 50% Heat
6A>2C> 8C >2C> 8C >2C>214D>ABC> land ➔ 66>6C>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 5639 Requires 50% Heat
6DD>2DD> 8C >2C> 8C >2C>214D>ABC> land >66>6C>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 4921 Requires 50% Heat
6A>2C> 8C >2C>214D> land >2B>2C> 8C >2C>214D>3C>214A>2C~44 Y 4500


Input CT CP Damage Note
BC>DD>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 3333 Against some opponents, such as Arakune, start with 6DD
BC>66>2C>6C>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 3881
BC>66>2C>6C>66>2DD>2147D>66>3C>236D>ABC>DD>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 5014 Requires 50% Heat

High and Low

Input CT CP Damage Note
DD (blocked)>4DD>236D>ABC>DD>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 3549 Hits high
Requires 50% Heat
DD (blocked)>236D~C>ABC>DD>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 3485 Hits low
Requires 50% Heat
2C (blocked)>2147D>ABC>66>2B>2C> 8C >2C>214D> land >66>3C>236D Y 3741 Hits high
Requires 50% Heat
2C (blocked)>3C>236D>ABC>66>2C>6C>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 4052 Hits low
Requires 50% Heat
DD (blocked)>4DD>236236D>4D~66>6C>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D Y 4743 Hits high
Requires 50% Heat
DD (blocked)>236D~C>6ABC>6~C>6DD>2DD> 8 >2C> 8C >2C>214D Y 4514 Hits low
(6 + [RC] ➔ 6~C) results in dashing and immediately doing 6C
Requires 50% Heat

Relaunches from corner

Input CT CP Damage Note
214D> land >3C>214A>6A> 8 >DD>214D> land >3C>236D Y Works after moderate length combos
214D> land >3C>214A>ABC>44>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D> land >3C>236D Y Require 50% Heat
214D> land >3C>236D>ABC>DD>6DD>2DD> 8 >DD> 8 >DD>214D> land >3C>236D Y Only works if you land slightly out of the corner
Requires 50% Heat

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