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New Yokozaki City is a relatively small city and is the setting for XBlaze – Code: EmbryoTōya Kagari, Hinata Himezuru, Yuki Himezuru, and Akira Kamewari all reside within the city. Notable locations include the Hakuō North Academy, the Neo Yokozaki City University Hospital, the New Yokozaki City Hall, and the Maha☆Raja~ Curry Shop. The city itself also has a port, suggesting that it is situated next to the sea.

The city has found unfortunate fame since the tragic Wadatsumi Mass Vanish Incident ten years ago, leading to the area, now known as the Restricted Ward, being sealed off to the general public. Since the event, the city has become peaceful, with little drama or excitement; that said, local thugs still populate the area, while there were a notorious amount of serial killings until the murderer's demise.

Interestingly, the city is the home town of Kuon Glamred Stroheim's mother.

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