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BlazBlue Bloodedge Experience Part 2 (Black and white illustration, 4)
The Murakumo Unit (ムラクモユニット Murakumo Yunitto) is an Anti-Observer Armament.[1] It is wielded by Kiiro Hikagami and the Zeroth Prime Field Model.


Murakumo Units bear strong resemblance to Divine Radiance: Murakumo, and are somewhat similar, but the Units were made before the First Great Magic War.

According to Relius Clover, the Murakumo Unit is a weapon made to kill a god.

The Sealed Armament: Izayoi is a prototype of this weapon.[2][3][4]

One of the Murakumo Units, along with Zeroth Prime Field Model and Blue Grimoire, was used to create a Kusanagi.[5]

In BlazBlue: Bloodedge Experience — Part 2, the Dimensional Boundary Contact Prime Field Es No. 07, Kiiro Hikagami, equipped the Murakumo Unit to fight with Spinner Superior.

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