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Mind Eater (呪縛陣(マインドイーター) Maindo Ītā, Cursed Order) is a magic spell that forces self-consciousness of the others.

Hades: Izanami used this on Tsubaki Yayoi to awake Izayoi and kill Jin Kisaragi in the Colosseum.

Jin Kisaragi described it as a curse, in which the user projects its own cognizance atop the target's conscience. Like a dark "shadow" that looms in the target's mind.[1]

Aside from Hades: Izanami, this spell can be used also by Yūki Terumi and Konoe A. Mercury.

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  1. BlazBlue: Chronophantasma, Story Mode, Chronophantasma Story, Episode 14

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