Mind Eater (マインドイーター Maindo Ītā) is Yūki Terumi’s technique. It “eats” the memory of the other party with the use of Ouroboros. It is unclear to where the memories absorbed by the Mind Eater go. Hazama points out to the ends of the Boundary, as one of the possible destinations, while Litchi questions if those aren’t sent to a particular Boundary.[1] In reality, Hazama was feigning ignorance, as he not only knows to where those go, but also can draw them out and use them to his advantage. An example of it is how he broke down Ragna’s little sister, by showing Saya her own memories, with great detail and recreated sensations.[2]

Jin Kisaragi was a victim of this technique during the Ikaruga Civil War and he lost his memories about his actions during that event.[3]

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