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NOL Academy
The Military Academy (士官学校 Shikan Gakkō) is a school where students of all ages go to study to become Novus Orbis Librarium soldiers and officers.


The academy is fairly exclusive, with difficult entrance exams; there are preparatory schools dedicated to helping students prepare for them. Most students are from important families like the Duodecim, some are invited via special recommendation, and rarely, some are scouted for being talented. Entrance exams entail tests on physical and mental prowess, as well as Ars Magus aptitude. Students who are accepted leave home and live in the academy's dormitories.

The military academy is the entire 15th Hierarchical City of Torifune (第十五階層都市「トリフネ」 Dai-Jūgo Kaisō Toshi "Torifune"), also known as the Academy City (学園都市 Gakuen Toshi). Although the school is extremely large, Torifune is actually one of the smallest Hierarchical Cities. It has a population in the tens of thousands, with approximately 80% of its population related directly to the school. The actual city is within Indonesia.

Like other Hierarchical Cities, it is divided into levels with a NOL Branch at the top. The second level contains a single port, which is the only way to enter or exit. This is because students are expected to live entirely within the city except for one break a year, and to help keep the many students and officials living there safe from terrorist attacks and other dangers. The third level contains the security and management departments, the fourth level contains junior high through college facilities, the fifth level contains pre-school to elementary, the sixth level is the business district, the seventh level contains the dormitories, and level eight through ten are off limits to students. Their Ars Magus elevators are more powerful and run better than the ones in most Hierarchical Cities, due to the NOL managing the city. The city is more organized and well-planned than others such as Kagutsuchi as a result.

The lower levels of the city, that remain unknown to the public, are both hazardous and varied. In the eighth level, thick toxic fogs of seithr are known to drift around, while there is a small mansion located somewhere within the area. Another area within the academy contains a beach. One of the more exotic places in the academy is a large desert where the Guardian resides. The student council (生徒会 seito-kai) struggle to have a proper grasp on this area, but few students ever visit it.

Most of the management and defense of the city is handled primarily by the student council and students. The student council is restricted to the more talented students – Jin Kisaragi was the student council president during his tenure, with his friends and roommates Taro Sasagae and Akane Teruhiko also a part of it. Tsubaki Yayoi joined the council during her first year. The first of the student council presidents was Elina.

Noel Vermillion and Makoto Nanaya both joined the Academy for the benefits it provided to their families. Tsubaki Yayoi was expected to enter, coming from one of the Duodecim families. It is possible that Carl Clover joined because he was expected to by Relius Clover. The father of Mai Natsume sent her to the academy after her transformation, while Kajun Faycott attended in order to fulfill her assignment from Kokonoe. Shiori Kirihito and Chachakaka enlisted the academy in order to assassinate Jin Kisaragi.

Faculty and students



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  • The 15th Hierarchical City of Torifune is named after the Japanese god Ame no Torifune.

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