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Meifang Lapislazuli

Mei-Fang Lapis-Lazuli (Scan)
Name: Meifang Lapislazuli
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Professional status
Affiliation(s): World Void Information Controlling Organization
Department(s): 0th Division: Wings of Judgment
Position(s): Colonel
Personal status
Status: Active
Novel(s): BlazBlue: Spiral Shift – Ice Blade Hero
Manga(s): BlazBlue: Variable Heart
Voice acting
Meifang Lapislazuli (メイファン=ラピスラズリ Meifan Rapisurazuri) is the leader of the World Void Information Controlling Organization's 0th Division. She first appears in BlazBlue: Variable Heart.


Meifang is a young woman with fair skin, long black hair tied into two pigtails, and blue eyes. She wears a red and white headgear that resembles horns, a white cape with a red and white dress underneath it, a dark form-fitting bodysuit, and long black socks with standard Controlling Organization boots.


Meifang is masochistic and somewhat psychopathic, and does not let anyone stand in her way. Everything she does is for the sake of the Emperor, but she still retains a bit of common sense, as when she ordered her men to not lay a hand on Tsubaki Yayoi, since she does not want to quarrel with her family.


BlazBlue: Variable Heart

On June 2197, Meifang was in the 2nd Hierarchical City "Iwatsuchi", where she took interest in Mai Natsume. She ordered a soldier to tell Mai that Hibiki Kohaku asked her to go to the ninth storage room, where she introduced herself to the girl, saying that she needs her body for her desire, and attacked Mai. The girl was saved by Kagura Mutsuki, but he was defeated, and Meifang went to catch up with Mai. Kajun Faycott sent Mai a spear, and Meifang recognized it as a Legacy Weapon. Mai was able to hold out until the teleport activated, and Meifang realized that the girl was saved by Kokonoe Mercury.

Later, when Meifang was taking a bath she was visited by Hazama, the one who told her about Mai and her No Name. Hazama said that the facility will resume operations tomorrow, and asked her what she had sent to the 13th Hierarchical City "Kagutsuchi". Instead of answering, she stood up and told Hazama to get out of her way. He commented on her Painkiller, and Meifang sent him into her bathtub with a kick. Then she was attacked by Yūki Terumi, in his ghost form, who strangled her for a bit, but when a soldier rushed to see what was happening, both Hazama and Terumi had disappeared. Meifang told the soldier to contact the First Lieutenant that was heading to Kagutsuchi, mentioned that information was leaked, and ordered to wake up Fuzzy.

Powers and abilities

Meifang does not use a weapon, instead she fights with Magic Formula and her bare hands. She possesses an ability named "Painkiller", which removes the sense of pain from her. She also knows Magic Formula that is used to pass down information to people.


BlazBlue: Spiral Shift – Ice Blade Hero

BlazBlue: Variable Heart


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