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Mediums (陰陽師 Onmyōshi, localized as exorcists) are a group of individuals who, like conjurers, are able to manipulate Magic Element and sorcery.

Mediums are similar to conjurers, especially so in the ability to manipulate Magic Element and sorcery. A key difference between the two, however, is that Mediums require talismans and charms to bring about phenomena. Concerning sorcery, the two groups are similar in that the ability to utilize it is passed down from generation to generation.

Within New Yokozaki City, there resides a family of mediums who have been practicing the arts for decades on end, banishing the restless spirits of the deceased for generations. As well as this, the family has multiple abilities, such as weather manipulation, atmoskinesis and incredible feats of strength and speed, reaching superhuman levels. Judging by their atmoskinesis, they seem to have the ability to control the reason to a degree.

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