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Me (Character Artwork, 1)
Name: Unknown
Alias: Me
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: Unknown
Likes: Her little sister and mother
Dislikes: That Bastard (AKA her father)
Personal status
Relatives: Little sister
Status: Active
Spin-off(s): XBlaze – Lost: Memories
Voice acting
Japanese voice: Ayumi Fujimura
"Me" (わたし Watashi) is the main protagonist of XBlaze – Lost: Memories. She is searching for her little sister with the help of "Nobody".


Strikingly similar to Konoe A. Mercury, "Me" has bright pink hair tied in a ponytail, while the fringe covers her left eye that was covered by a black eye patch; the other being a deep golden hue. She wears a simple purple and white uniform that stops above her thighs; two black braces hang from the bottom. The uniform is accompanied by a lavender tie and a pair of huge black and purple cuffs. "Me" also wears a pair of brown tights and royal purple shoes with black heels.


She is a young lady who lives in the Magister's City: Ishana. Due to a number of incidents in the past, she harbors an intense dislike of her father, bordering on outright hatred. Despite her youth, she is extremely intelligent and an incredibly powerful mage in her own right. After her mother died, her father left home, leaving her alone with her little sister. She covers her "cursed" left eye with an eye patch that she never removes.

One day, her little sister had gone missing. After remembering the scientific experiments her father did to her mother, she rushed into the basement workshop, where she saw an Azure light, which engulfed her, and she lost her consciousness.

She awoke in the Phantom Field without remembering her name. She then met "Nobody", who gave her a new name, and told her that her little sister is at the bottom of the Field. While watching Es' memories, "Me" got to the lowest level of the Field, and saw the memories of her father. She understood that his experiments saved her life, and then found her little sister. When they were about to return to their world, Nobody said that she will stay in the Field and pushed the girls out of it.

In her world, "Me" understood that "Nobody" is Es, and that she can't leave because of the Embryo. She managed to return to the Phantom Field, where she powered the Embryo with seithr from her Original Grimoire. The girls decided to change the future of Es' friends by reviving her. Nobody recreated her body and transferred her memories to it, and then Es left the Field. "Me" told her that she will take care of the Embryo. When she once again returned to her world, she decided to meet her father.

Musical themes

Title Description Used in
A Girl's Memory "Me"'s theme XBlaze – Lost: Memories


Main article: Me/Image Gallery


  • Physically, she is incredibly similar to Konoe A. Mercury. Coincidentally both are voiced by Ayumi Fujimura.
    • In XBlaze – Lost: Memories, her files have name "kn", which possibly stands for "Konoe".
  • If the player attempts to name her "Nine", the game will say "It isn't quite time yet…".
  • If the player attempts to name her "Konoe", the game will say "After checking the database, you cannot use the inputted name. Sorry…".


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