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Mantenbō (萬天棒, Myriad Heavens Stick) is Litchi Faye Ling's staff and one of her main weapons in combat.


Mantenbō is a fairly normal staff but due to Lao Jiu, the staff can easily change and bend itself to Litchi's will. Because of said will, there is great deal of feats it can accomplish which normal staffs cannot such as:

  • Transforming into a powerful 'Stick-Man'.
  • Enlarging itself to deal more damage and have a larger hit area.
  • Creating a temporary copy of itself to hit twice at the same time.
  • Standing upright without any signs of breaking or loss of balance.
  • Being controlled by Litchi's mind to come back to her 'Boomerang' style.
  • Being controlled by Litchi's mind to spin at near impossible speeds.
  • Splitting into multiple segments to spin around Litchi's body, acting similar to a shield.
  • Becoming short and fat, acting as a perfectly round backless seat.


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