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Input Damage Note
A · A · A 236A 1559
B · A · A 236B 2025
C · C · A 214D 2615 50% Heat
2A 2B · 2C 236C 214C 1653
Jump C land A · C · C (repeatedly) 236A 2238
2C jump cancel B C jump cancel B C 214B 2354
BC 236 C jump cancel B C jump cancel B C 214B 2706
236A ABC C · C · A 236 236D 3483 100% Heat
2A A · A · A ABCD ABCD 2433 Overdrive, Active Flow
B · A B · A · A 236C 214C 2627
B · A · A → 236B→ 2C→  jump cancel → B  C  jump cancel  B  C  214C 3201 B-A-A should send into corner.
ABCD  → 2A · 2B · 2C→ 236B 2C→  jump cancel  → B  C  jump cancel  B  C  214C→ 236C  214C 236D 4134 Overdrive (4-5 sec), 50% Heat, In Corner
2C   D ·D → C  jump cancel  B  C  jump cancel  B  C  214C 2910 Very Near Opponent, Fast Exseal Directional Change (D * D)
B· C → ABCD C  jump cancel  B  C  jump cancel  B  C  214C→ 236C  214C→ 236  236D 4351 Throw, Overdrive, Less than or equal to 50% hp.  (Overdrive should have 3:25 or more)  *easier in corner, but can work out of it*

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