The Maha☆Raja~ Curry Shop (まは☆ら~じゃカレー屋 Maha☆Raja~ Karē-ya), or simply Maha Raja (まはらーじゃ), was a popular curry shop within New Yokozaki CityTōya Kagari worked at Maha Raja part-time, while Ringo Akagi supposedly worked full-time. It only appears in XBlaze – Code: Embryo.


An extremely popular curry shop that was located within New Yokozaki City, its manager was seldom seen or heard from, preferring to work “behind the scenes”, in his steed, their assistant was, instead, the main driving force behind the operations of the shop itself.

The shop had fluctuations of popularity, having seasons of “boon and bust”. It’s said that when the shop was in its boon season, it’s as if the entire city had shown up to be seated at exactly the same time. Tōya was said to be a specially hard worker, whereas Ringo, who was his senior in the shops hierarchy, has a far more laid-back attitude; despite her tendency to drop mysterious comments surrounding the mannerisms of curry. After the events of Code: Embryo, the shop mysteriously, and suddenly closed.

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