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Magic (魔法 Mahō) is a great power that is connected to the Azure. It was created by mankind a long time ago to fight 'something' outside of logic. This power spends mana (霊力(マナ), soul power), spiritual powers which are originally present in nature which is formed by the user's willpower.[1] Due to the rarity of people able to use mana, magic is scarcely seen or talked about. People who are able to use magic are called wizards (魔法使い mahōtsukai).

Before the First War of Ars Magus, magic was taught in the Magister's City: Ishana, but after the Dark War the amount of magic users fell into a deep recline thanks to the dissolution of the Mage's Guild. Currently, only these characters have demonstrated the ability to access the power of magic: Konoe A. Mercury, Celica A. Mercury, Kokonoe Mercury, Trinity Glassfille, Rachel Alucard, Raquel Alucard, Clavis Alucard, Kazuma Kval, and all of the Phase Shift Ten Sages. The Crimson Grimoire grants its user access to magic, even if they are unable to use mana.

Known magic spells are Infinite Corridors, Gravity Seed, Infinite Gravity and Mind Eater. Jūbei hints in BlazBlue: Phase 0 that the skill of a Mage can be gauged by their casting time.

Magic attacks cause scarring of the soul,[2] and they are not affected by Phenomenon Interventions. Even the healing magic (治癒魔法 chiyu mahō) very painfully heals these wounds. The healing magic can be used only by people that are able to control the flow of life, and it cannot heal wounds dealt by something outside of logic.

Magic exists outside of the logic, and since it works on mana, it can be used without seithr.

Objects themselves possess varying affinity with magic, seemingly the older they get the greater that affinity becomes, to the point that they can greatly enhance the utilized spell. An example of that is Yūki Terumi's cage made from old wood, which purpose was to strengthen the seals on the door and in the room.[3]

When mages draw magic circles, they use special ancient characters (古代文字 kodaimonji). The owners of the Eye of the Hunter see the life-force values in the same font.


  • In the English localization, magic was once called "sorcery", in Teach Me, Ms. Litchi Reloaded. In all other cases both magic and sorcery are called "magic". There is no magic in the XBlaze series.

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