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The Mage's Guild (魔道協会 Madō Kyōkai, Magic Society) is an organization that appears in the BlazBlue: Phase Shift series and is a major organization in XBlaze – Code: Embryo, where it is known as the Magic Guild (魔導協会 Madō Kyōkai, Magical Society). It was situated on the island of Magister's City: Ishana, the magical capital.


The Mage's Guild has been around for centuries, teaching many different mages and making them excel in the magical arts. It is the forefront of the magic and many magical arts and techniques are not only taught but also made.

The leaders of the Mage's Guild are known as the Ten Sages, and while the ten seats have never been filled all at once, the Sages lead the Guild in the direction they see fit. To become one of the Sages means you have to be phenomenal in the magical arts. Each Sage is named after a number from One to Ten in the Phase Shift series and onwards, whereas in XBlaze, they are named after German numbers instead, ranging from Eins to Zehn.

The Guild is also responsible for the creation of the Nox Nyctores weapons and at least three of the ten were held by members of the Ten Sages. They were made as a counteract towards the destruction wrought by The Black Beast when the Sages finally acknowledged the threat it posed towards the end of BlazBlue: Phase Shift 3. During this time, they began to heavily involve themselves with the Orbis Librarius Norma due to the bond they shared with Ars Magus being born from sorcery.

After the events of the First War of Ars Magus, the Guild became extremely weak and eventually fused with the Orbis Librarius Norma to become the Novus Orbis Librarium. Along with this fusion, some of the Ten Sages went on to become some of the first members of the Duodecim, with their descendants forming the houses. The most notable of these is the Kisaragi family, who are 'descendants' (although unlikely, given the nature of the family) of Seven.

Known members

Mage's Guild

Name Title Note
Relius Clover One The first member and leader of the Ten Sages
??? Two The second member of the Ten Sages, and their leader during the Dark War; deceased
??? Three The third member of the Ten Sages and Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk's first wielder; deceased
??? Four The fourth member of the Ten Sages; deceased
??? Seven The seventh member of the Ten Sages and the first wielder of Mucro Algesco: Yukianesa; status unknown
??? Eight The eighth member of the Ten Sages; deceased
Konoe A. Mercury Nine The ninth member of the Mage's Guild's Ten Sages, also known as Nine of the Six Heroes; active
Celica A. Mercury --- Sister of Konoe; deceased, but is active as a Chronophantasma
Kazuma Kval --- Artificial human created by Relius Clover; deceased
Trinity Glassfille --- Also known as Platinum the Trinity; active

Magic Guild

Name Title Note
Marcelyn F. Mercury Zwei The second member of the Ten Sages, known as Zwei. She taught Drei and Kuon's mother; active
??? Drei The third member of the Ten Sages; deceased
??? Sechs The sixth member of the Ten Sages; deceased
??? Acht The eighth member of the Ten Sages; deceased
Kuon Glamred Stroheim --- Wielder of Sealed Spear: Izayoi; active
Elise von Klagen --- Envoy; active

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